Selected newspaper articles related to James Hury

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Headline Newspaper Columnist Date
Texas House pays tribute to former Rep. James Hury Austin American Statesman    11/17/92
State leaders remember Hury Dallas Morning News    11/17/92
State officials remember comrade fatally injured in air show accident Fort Worth Star-Telegram    11/17/92
State leaders eulogize Hury Houston Chronicle  Rugeley, Cindy  11/17/92
Hury remembered as public servant Houston Post    11/17/92
Rep. Gray: legislators really do work hard Galveston Daily News    11/16/92
Quorum of friends gathers at wake for 'Racing Slick' Galveston Daily News  Bernard, Lora  10/10/92
One-of-a-kind politician was fair and read the fine print Galveston Daily News  Taylor, Heber  10/10/92
Governor, 1,000 others attend service for Hury Galveston Daily News  Bernard, Lora  10/10/92
Time for tears Galveston Daily News    10/09/92
Memorial services for Hury today Galveston Daily News  Bernard, Lora  10/09/92
Ex-legislator dies of plane crash injuries Dallas Morning News    10/08/92
Ex-legislator James Hury dies of injuries Fort Worth Star-Telegram    10/08/92
Hury dies Galveston Daily News  Bernard, Lora  10/08/92
Hury dies from plane crash injuries Houston Chronicle  Moran, Kevin  10/08/92
Former Rep. Hury dies of injuries at air show Houston Post  Stanton, Robert  10/08/92
Hury's condition hasn't improved Galveston Daily News  Bernard, Lora  10/07/92
Other pilot in ground crash says he never saw Hury plane Houston Chronicle  Sallee, Rad  10/06/92
Ex-lawmaker in critical condition Dallas Morning News    10/05/92
Hury remains critical Galveston Daily News  Bernard, Lora  10/05/92
Ex- Rep. Hury remains on life-support system Houston Chronicle  Greene, Andrea D.  10/05/92
Ex-Rep. Hury still in critical condition Houston Post  Ledgard, Laurie  10/05/92
Rep. Hury critically injured Galveston Daily News  Hough, Robert  10/04/92
Planes collide at show; ex-Rep. Hury injured Houston Chronicle  Teachey, Lisa  10/04/92
Ex-legislator hurt at air show Houston Post  Besze, Susan  10/04/92
Hury's resignation throws monkey wrench into elections Galveston Daily News  Brigance, Jim  09/30/92
Island loses its top-notch legislator Galveston Daily News  Tillotson, Dolph  09/27/92
Low pay limits terms in Legislature Houston Chronicle  Robison, Clay  09/27/92
Rep. Hury quits to join law firm Austin American Statesman  Hight, Bruce  09/23/92
Hury quits Texas House for law firm Dallas Morning News  Kilday, Anne Marie  09/23/92
Rep. James Hury resigns Galveston Daily News  Brigance, Jim  09/23/92
Hury leaves behind a distinguished career as public servant Galveston Daily News  Brigance, Jim  09/23/92
Rep. Hury resigns post, ends House speaker bid Houston Chronicle  Ramsey, Ross  09/23/92
Hury barnstorming in bid to be speaker Galveston Daily News  Thomas, Kathy  03/06/92
Hury aims for top job in House Galveston Daily News    02/17/92
Hury in the running for speaker Galveston Daily News  Maynard, Roy  01/09/92
Hury won't seek post unless Gib vacates it Galveston Daily News    10/11/91
Hury named to rules panel Galveston Daily News    09/06/91
Tax bill's flop hurts Hury's hopes for speaker's post Austin American Statesman    08/08/91
Hury, Criss named to committee Galveston Daily News    09/06/89
Area legislator lands political plum with low-key style Houston Chronicle    02/13/89
Hury to table controversial bill Galveston Daily News    05/17/87
Rep. James Hury Galveston Daily News    06/09/85