Selected newspaper articles related to Jack Strong

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Entries marked with are biographical in nature.

Headline Newspaper Columnist Date
Longview community activists, former state senator dies Longview News-Journal  Taylor, D. 07/30/15
School fund law is sold as tax relief Dallas Morning News  Stutz, T. 07/05/93
Osorio got list of stock buyers Houston Post  Wiese, A. 09/12/71
House committee will seek Wilson testimony in probe Houston Post  West, F. 08/20/71
House study, grand jury in stock scandal spotlight Austin American  Staff 08/17/71
Mutscher says suit shows loss Houston Post  James, A. 08/13/71
Suit reflects loss on stock, Mutscher says Houston Post  James, A. 08/13/71
3 legislators tell bank bill roles Houston Chronicle  Harper, F. 08/12/71
Grand jury hears Shannon Houston Post  James, A. 08/12/71
Sharp expects to testify in House probe Houston Chronicle  Staff 08/11/71
Mutscher testifies for 3 hours before federal jury Houston Post  James, A. 08/11/71
Mutscher testifies 3 hours before federal jury Houston Post  James, A. 08/11/71
Jury retraces banking bills' paths Austin American  Kuempel, G. 07/29/71
Jury told of pressure for bank insurance bill Houston Post  Wiese, A. 07/29/71
Grand jury to hear 6 on stocks Austin American Statesman  Fisher, D. 07/28/71
Travis DA says 10 to testify in probe of stock dealings Houston Post  Wiese, A. 07/28/71
Filibusterers reach 'cease-fire' Dallas Morning News  Banks, J. 05/25/69
Senate drones toward record Austin American Statesman  Kuempel, G. 05/24/69
Filibusters stall UT-S.A. San Antonio Express News  Ford, J. 05/24/69
Legislators are locked in chambers Houston Chronicle  Beveridge, R. 05/23/69
Continued filibuster series bottles up UT-SA measure San Antonio Express News  Ford, J. 05/23/69
Talkathons halt Senate action on new colleges Houston Post  Gardner, W. 05/22/69
Restricting Committees Dallas Morning News  Editorial 02/20/69
State Senate marks first as Negro woman presides Dallas Morning News  Moss, M. 03/22/67
Sen. Aikin leads another battle for Texas teachers Dallas Morning News  Banks, J. 02/21/65
Strong to leave board Longview Morning Journal  Cole, Les  11/06/87
Strong quits Railroad Commission race, fears 'circus' Austin American Statesman    02/08/78
Strong of Longview quitting Houston Chronicle    12/04/69
Senator honored San Antonio Express News    12/04/69