Selected newspaper articles related to H. Tati Santiesteban

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Headline Newspaper Columnist Date
Tati Santiesteban El Paso Times  Staff 11/09/20
Family, friends mourn former State Sen. Tati Santiesteban, who died of COVID-19 El Paso Times  Gonzalez, M. 11/06/20
Former Texas Senator Tati Santiesteban dies from COVID-19 KTSM  Litton, A. 10/31/20
Law allowing parents to show porn targeted Dallas Morning News  Egerton, B. 10/29/09
Morales to sit out attorey general race El Paso Times    12/03/97
Coleman pushed park's creation El Paso Times  Scharrer, G. 12/14/96
No more handouts Houston Post    03/20/95
Quit sniping at Mexico and lend a hand Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Ivins, M. 01/26/95
Former state senator is indicted on drug charge Dallas Morning News    11/19/94
Ex-senator reportedly 1st lawyer at jail accused of carrying drugs Dallas Morning News    07/12/94
Ex-lawmaker says marijuana wasn't his El Paso Times  Conley, J. 07/11/94
Santiesteban jailed in marijuana case El Paso Times  Dickson, G. 07/09/94
Ex-legislator busted on drug charges Houston Chronicle    07/09/94
Coleman's successor may be popular insider El Paso Times  Scharrer, G. 09/07/93
Filibuster to block rules on shrimping stops Senate cold Austin American Statesman  Hailey, M. 04/30/85
Truan filibusters bill that would regulate shrimp, oyster fishing Valley Morning Star  Fikac, P. 04/30/85
4-hour Senate filibuster halts action on shrimp, oyster bill Houston Chronicle  Robison, C. 04/26/85
Judge Carrillo removed from bench; barred form holding office in Texas El Paso Herald Post  UP. 01/24/76
Tati returns $1,000 in lawsuit over wrong plea El Paso Times  Scharrer, Gary  01/06/90
Santiesteban launches bid for re-election El Paso Times  Scharrer, Gary  12/30/89
Utility paid senator as consultant El Paso Times  Townsend, Stephanie  11/19/89
IRS after senator's 'heads' Houston Chronicle  Cullick, Robert  07/29/89
IRS to sell senator's furniture El Paso Times  Washington, Diana  07/28/89
Embarrassed Tati will pay tax bill El Paso Times  Scharrer, Gary  12/12/87
Senator's aide plans to build near dump El Paso Herald Post  Herrick, Thaddeus  08/25/87
Tati's $75,000 omission El Paso Herald Post    07/23/87
Tati: I'm losing a fortune' El Paso Herald Post  Old, Joe  07/08/87
Perot gives senators ride to Mexico El Paso Times  Keck, Benjamin  06/24/87
Thrift lobbyist admits helping Texas politicians obtain loans Houston Chronicle  Galtney, Liz  06/24/87
Senator bitten by doodle bug Austin American Statesman    03/09/87
Tati's dandy doodles El Paso Times  Scharrer, Gary  02/09/87
Cradle to dorm El Paso Times  Scharrer, Gary  01/23/87
Santiesteban roasted at Demo fund-raiser El Paso Herald Post  Ahlgren, Frank, Jr.  04/26/86
Friends zap Santiesteban at Democratic fund-raiser El Paso Times  Scharrer, Gary  04/26/86
Hot Tati El Paso Times  Scharrer, Gary  04/17/86
Santiesteban feted for political service El Paso Herald Post    03/08/86
Senator's firm will represent water utility El Paso Times    11/15/85
Looking for 'the big money' El Paso Times  Scharrer, Gary  07/06/85
Lawmaker remembers his Mexican roots Beaumont Enterprise  Rasp, Gary  05/13/85
Tati El Paso Times  Dusek, Ron  05/05/85
Tati defends playing hooky from panel El Paso Times  Gonzales, Rick  03/16/85
Santiesteban's Austin law partner on state payroll El Paso Herald Post  Ortolon, Ken  02/01/85
Tati builds up his nest egg El Paso Times  Dusek, Ron  01/12/84
Senator won't exhibit model behavior Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Ratcliffe, R.G.  06/28/83
Santiesteban keeps candidacy quiet El Paso Times    01/19/80
Santiesteban senate performance marked by 'certainty' El Paso Times  Peters, Steve  06/23/79
El Paso's state senator happy with his job in 66th Legislature El Paso Times  Swinnea, Tom  06/02/79
Santiesteban bills fail, fare well El Paso Times  Swinnea, Tom  05/30/79
Santiesteban lends contributions to law firm El Paso Times  Swinnea, Tom  02/07/79
Santiesteban: 'I like the action' El Paso Times  Swinnea, Tom  02/05/79
Santiesteban still may be choice of Latino politicos as AG nominee El Paso Times  Peters, Steve  06/19/77
Santiesteban on list for statewide race El Paso Times  Peters, Steve  05/16/77
Santiesteban ponders race for state AG El Paso Times  Peters, Steve  05/13/77
Santiesteban welcomed as governor in EP El Paso Times  David, Elise  12/14/75
Santiesteban to be sworn in as 'governor' Austin American Statesman    12/04/75
Acting governor named Austin American Statesman    06/24/75
Senator filling governor post Dallas Morning News    06/24/75
Sen. Santiesteban is acting governor Houston Chronicle    06/24/75
Santiesteban stands in Houston Post    06/24/75
Acting governor San Antonio Express News    06/24/75
Senator sees himself as example for young Austin American Statesman  Fish, Richard  05/13/73
Ex-legislator pushing bill to get job, enemies say Dallas Morning News  Freund, Carl  04/20/73