Selected newspaper articles related to Ben Atwell

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Headline Newspaper Columnist Date
Babe gets a bench at the Texas State Cemetery Austin American Statesman  Herman, K. 02/08/20
How even proposing a tax increase can follow a Texas politician to his grave Corpus Christi Caller Times  Moritz, J. 04/12/19
State income tax is dead, dead, dead (maybe) Austin American Statesman  Herman, K. 12/26/18
Sales tax author dies Corpus Christi Caller Times    07/04/98
Ex-legislator Atwell recalled as man of 'courage, humor' Houston Chronicle  Turner, A. 07/03/98
Ex-legislator famous for state tax bill dies San Antonio Express News  A.P. Wire 07/01/98
Ben 'Jumbo' Atwell, author of tax bill, own gravestone, dies Austin American Statesman  Herman, K. 06/30/98
Death and taxes: good enough for an epitaph Austin American Statesman  McNeely, D. 08/01/95
A head start. Dallas Morning News    02/28/95
Sure thing: marker mixes inevitable death and taxes Houston Post  Herman, K. 07/26/93
Cautious reaction shown by Smith Dallas Morning News  Staff 04/20/67
Local option provision for drink bill OK'd by Connally Houston Post  UP. 04/16/67
Dallas given nod for dental school Dallas Morning News  Kowert, N. 04/04/67
New appeal made to hike sales tax Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Pershing, H. 03/15/67
Connally tax package in for rough handling Houston Post  UP. 03/05/67
Taxes, ethics, Sunday law, Savings time to be argued Dallas Morning News  Banks, J. 02/26/67
Reaction mixed on liquor Dallas Morning News  Staff 02/03/67
Solons' wrath vented over redistricting bill Dallas Times Herald  Staff 05/03/65
Districting move riles Rep. Atwell Dallas Times Herald  Staff 02/27/64
Dallas wins battle over redistricting Dallas Times Herald  Mayer, M. 05/04/61
Death and taxes Austin American Statesman  McNeely, Dave  03/29/87
Atwell lays 22 years on line against Haney San Antonio Light    11/05/72
Rep. Atwell's allegiances endanger his re-election Austin American Statesman  Castlebury, Glen  04/28/72
Atwell faces tough opposition Dallas Times Herald  Atkinson, Jim  04/20/72
Atwell seeking re-election Dallas Morning News    04/07/72
'Jumbo Ben' Atwell": no ordinary man San Antonio Light  McNeely, Dave  01/30/72
Dismissal of Atwell drunk driving case leaves bad taste Dallas Morning News  Davis, Stewart  09/15/71
Atwell case is dismissed Austin American Statesman    09/08/71
DWI case on Atwell dismissed Dallas Morning News    09/08/71
Pressure charged in Atwell case Dallas Times Herald    09/08/71
Atwell's drunk driving case set for docket call June 30 Dallas Morning News    06/12/71
Atwell case to undergo 'normal procedure' Dallas Morning News    04/22/71
Atwell sees bill based on tax study Dallas Morning News    03/16/65
Atwell urges quality-boost in education Dallas Morning News    11/12/64
Atwell feels state will clear garages Dallas Morning News  Freund, Carl  11/11/64
Atwell sees no splitting of county Dallas Morning News    10/10/64
Scanned from microfilm - 324.23 roll 1 (1958-1968) Microfilm    11/30/57
Legislator will seek re-election Dallas Morning News    07/19/56