LRL web policies

The Legislative Reference Library of Texas (LRL) maintains this website as a public service. This page describes:

Disclaimer / Limitation of liability

This website provides links to other websites, both public and private, for informational purposes. LRL makes no representations, guarantees, or warranties as to the accuracy, completeness, currency, or suitability for any purpose of the information provided via this website. LRL specifically disclaims any and all liability and responsibility for any claims or damage that may arise as a result of LRL providing the website or the information it contains, or that may arise in any way with respect to any websites maintained by third parties and linked to the LRL site. LRL makes no effort to independently verify, and does not exert editorial control over, information on pages outside this domain: LRL advises site visitors to read the privacy policies of any third-party sites accessed through this site.

The LRL does not endorse any of the products, vendors, consultants, or documentation referenced in this website. Any mention of vendors, products, or services is for informational purposes only.

Website privacy policy

The LRL uses log analysis tools to create summary statistics that are used for purposes such as assessing what information is of most interest, determining technical design specifications, and identifying system performance or problem areas. The LRL uses web server software that automatically logs the following information:

User Client hostname
The hostname (or IP address if DNS is disabled) of the user/client requesting access.
HTTP header, "user-agent"
The user-agent information includes the type of browser, its version, and the operating system it's running on.
HTTP header, "referer"
The referer specifies the page from which the client accessed the current page.
System date
The date and time of the user/client request.
Full request
The exact request the user/client made.
The status code the server returned to the user/client.
Content length
The content length, in bytes, of the document sent to the user/client.
The request method used.
Universal Resource Identifier (URI)
The location of a resource on the server.
Query string of the URI
Anything after the question mark in a URI.
The transport protocol and version used.

The LRL does not maintain any email lists. If you choose to send email to the LRL, we do not make your email address public or share your email address with any other party. The LRL does not provide any type of public or commercial access to personal information about our patrons or visitors to our website. Please contact the LRL at 512-463-1252 for further information about our privacy policies.

Link policy

The LRL maintains the right to determine whether the inclusion of a link to another website promotes the LRL's statutory purpose, defined in Title 3, Chapter 324 of the Texas Government Code.

Accessibility statement

The Legislative Reference Library is committed to making its website accessible to all users. The library both links to and collects material from a wide range of sources. Some archival content may not be fully accessible. If you are using assistive technology and find the format of material on the library website interferes with your ability to access the information, please contact us at Please provide a description of the nature of the problem; the format in which you would prefer to receive information; the web address of the requested material; and your contact information.

The Legislative Reference Library welcomes comments and suggestions for improving the accessibility of the library's website.