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Joe Madison Kilgore

Joe M. Kilgore
Full Name: Joe Madison Kilgore
Birth date: December 10, 1918
Death date: February 10, 1999

Terms of Service

  • House, 53rd Legislature
    1/13/1953 - 1/11/1955
  • House, 52nd Legislature
    1/9/1951 - 1/13/1953
  • House, 51st Legislature
    1/11/1949 - 1/9/1951
  • House, 50th Legislature
    1/14/1947 - 1/11/1949

Biographical Notes and Resources

Selected Newspaper articles

Resolutions and Journal entries

  • 50th Legislature, text of poem "Sky Rodeo," a ballad of World War II, featuring Joe Kilgore as the central figure. House Journal .
  • 51st Legislature, R.S., HSR 285. Resolutions - Congratulatory and Honorary .
  • 76th Legislature, R.S., SR 212. Resolutions - Memorial .
  • 76th Legislature, R.S., HR 825. Resolutions - Memorial .
  • United States Army Air Corps, Lieutenant Colonel; Air Force Reserve, Major General. "Mr. Kilgore served in the United States Army Air Corps during World War II . . . he was a lieutenant colonel at the end of the war and rose to the rank of major general in the Air Force Reserve." 76th Legislature, R.S., SR 212. Resolutions - Memorial .


Other Resources

  • KILGORE, Joe Madison (1918-1999). Representative, TX. Biographical Directory of the U.S. Congress .
  • Air Force Reserve. "Rep. Joe M. Kilgore of McAllen is a lieutenant colonel in the Air Force Reserve . . . During his five years of active duty, Kilgore earned the Silver Star, the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Air Medal 'with some clusters,' as he puts it. A bomber pilot, he led the second American air raid on Naples . . .," "Call to Armed Services Faces Dozen in Texas Legislature," 1/14/1951. Dallas Morning News .
  • Kilgore, Joe Madison. Texas State Cemetery .
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