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55th 1st Called Session

October 14, 1957 - November 12, 1957


Governor: Price Daniel, Sr. -  Vetoes

Lieutenant Governor: Ben Ramsey

Speaker of the House: Waggoner Carr 

Special Session Topics

 Proclamations   Messages

  • Create a study commission to recommend to the next regular session of the Texas Legislature ways and means for improving law enforcement, criminal procedure and crime prevention [Fri Sep 13, 1957]
  • Create and finance a statewide water planning agency to work in cooperation with State, local and Federal agencies in conducting research and planning for an over-all program of water conservation and flood control with authority to contract for water conservation storage in Federal reservoirs to be paid for out of revenues [Fri Sep 13, 1957]
  • Define and provide for the registration of lobbyists and regulate the practices and reporting of those engaged in such activities [Fri Sep 13, 1957]
  • Require the registration of persons who represent others before State Agencies [Fri Sep 13, 1957]
  • Abolishing the office of county school superintendent in certain counties [Fri Nov 8, 1957]
  • Amend Chapter 25, Acts of the 54th Legislature, authorizing the issuance of revenue bonds and notes by junior college districts, by adding a new section to such act making the bonds and notes issued pursuant to such act, as amended, authorized investments, and making them eligible to secure public funds [Fri Nov 8, 1957]
  • Amending Chapter 290, Acts of the 41st Legislature, Regular Session, 1929, as amended, relating to the establishment of junior colleges [Fri Nov 8, 1957]
  • Amending Section 4 of Chapter 117, Acts of the 50th Legislature, Regular Session, 1947, relating to the road system of Panola County to authorize the Commissioners Court to determine the adequacy of the qualifications of the County Engineer [Fri Nov 8, 1957]
  • Authorizing soil conservation and flood prevention easements on State lands [Fri Nov 8, 1957]
  • Authorizing the creation of a junior college in Galveston County [Fri Nov 8, 1957]
  • Authorizing the State to accept title to certain lands, known as the Hueco Tanks, in El Paso County; designating it as the "Hueco Tank State Park"; providing for managing, controlling, beautifying, restoring and preserving same [Fri Nov 8, 1957]
  • Authorizing Titus County to refund certain bonds and warrants [Fri Nov 8, 1957]
  • Clarify and provide additional purposes for which the monies appropriated at the Regular Session of the 55th Legislature may be expended by the Texas Department of Public Safety [Fri Nov 8, 1957]
  • Close the season as to deer in Commissioners Precinct Number 1, in Lee County, Texas, until January 1, 1961 [Fri Nov 8, 1957]
  • Continue the building program of the Texas Employment Commission by re-allocating funds heretofore appropriated and by placing responsibilities for the building program in the Texas Employment Commission [Fri Nov 8, 1957]
  • Correct the name of the West Central Texas Municipal Water District [Fri Nov 8, 1957]
  • Create a special hospital district in Nueces County [Fri Nov 8, 1957]
  • Create Road District No. 1 of Waller County, Texas, under the authority of Article III, Section 52 of the Constitution of Texas, for the purpose of the construction, maintenance, and operation of macadamized, graveled or paved roads and turnpikes or in aid thereof [Fri Nov 8, 1957]
  • Creating a water control and improvement district under Article XVI, Sec. 59 of the Constitution of Texas, to be known as "Rockwall County Water Control and Improvement District No. 1 [Fri Nov 8, 1957]
  • Creating Bell County Water Control and Improvement District No. 6 [Fri Nov 8, 1957]
  • Creating Collin County Water Control and Improvement District No. 1 [Fri Nov 8, 1957]
  • Creating Darr's Creek Watershed Authority in Bell County [Fri Nov 8, 1957]
  • Creating Donahoe Creek Watershed Authority in Bell, Milam and Williamson Counties [Fri Nov 8, 1957]
  • Creating the "North Live Oak Conservation and Reclamation District" in Live Oak County [Fri Nov 8, 1957]
  • Creating the Ecleto Creek Watershed District in Karnes, DeWitt and Wilson Counties [Fri Nov 8, 1957]
  • Creating the Hondo Creek Watershed Improvement District in Karnes County [Fri Nov 8, 1957]
  • Hunting of squirrel in Angelina and Trinity Counties, amending acts of the 53rd Legislature, Regular Session, 1953, Ch. 398, as amended, and Acts of the 49th Legislature, Regular Session, 1945, Chapter 114, as amended [Fri Nov 8, 1957]
  • Making it unlawful to throw or discard a lighted cigarette, cigar, match, or other ignited objects onto or along a public highway or road of this State from an automobile, truck bus, train, or other conveyance or while walking or otherwise using such road or highway [Fri Nov 8, 1957]
  • Making more adequate provision for maintenance and operation of county owned parks [Fri Nov 8, 1957]
  • Moving Gillespie and and Kimble Counties from the 3rd to the 6th Administrative Judicial District [Fri Nov 8, 1957]
  • Permit funds appropriated for Rusk State Hospital to be used for payment of salaries for a chief supervisor and three assistant supervisors in the Maximum Security Unit for the criminally insane [Fri Nov 8, 1957]
  • Permitting Texas Tech College to convey certain land to the City of Lubbock for a museum [Fri Nov 8, 1957]
  • Providing for the appointment of a Board of Park Commissioners in certain counties [Fri Nov 8, 1957]
  • Ratifying proceedings of certain water control and improvement districts [Fri Nov 8, 1957]
  • Ratifying the creation of Menard County Water Control and Improvement District No.1 [Fri Nov 8, 1957]
  • Regulate the taking of wildlife resources in Tyler, Jasper and Newton Counties [Fri Nov 8, 1957]
  • Regulation of and restrictions on the operation and use of boats and firearms on the waters of Lake Texarkana in, upon or along the Counties of Bowie, Cass and Morris [Fri Nov 8, 1957]
  • Relating to certain job classifications which the Texas Employment Commission may employ [Fri Nov 8, 1957]
  • Relating to compensation of the Judge of the Court of Domestic Relations of Potter County [Fri Nov 8, 1957]
  • Relating to the business of giving bail in criminal and quasi-criminal cases in certain counties [Fri Nov 8, 1957]
  • Relating to the means and manner of taking wildlife resources in Bexar County [Fri Nov 8, 1957]
  • Relating to the repayment of the appropriation to the Neches River Conservation District [Fri Nov 8, 1957]
  • Relating to use of unexpended proceeds of bonds of Ellis County Water and Improvement District No. 1 [Fri Nov 8, 1957]
  • Relating to validation of Trinity River Authority bonds by court procedure [Fri Nov 8, 1957]
  • Transferring certain funds to pay the salary of the 154th Judicial District Attorney [Fri Nov 8, 1957]
  • Transferring certain library funds to salary of Deputy Clerk of 10th Court of Civil Appeals [Fri Nov 8, 1957]
  • Validating certain city tax bonds for off street parking purposes [Fri Nov 8, 1957]
  • Validating Ward County Water Control and Improvement District No. 4 [Fri Nov 8, 1957]
  • Amending Article 483, Chapter 4, Revised Penal Code of the State of Texas, 1925, as amended by Acts, 1951, of the Fifty-second Legislature, and by Act, 1957, of the Fifty-fifth Legislature, making it unlawful to carry a knife with a blade over three inches long [Mon Nov 11, 1957]
  • Appointment, compensation, etc. of Official Shorthand Reporters of the Tenth, Fifty-Sixth and One Hundred Twenty-Second Judicial Districts of Texas [Mon Nov 11, 1957]
  • Authorizing conservation districts organized pursuant to Section 59, Article XVI, of the Constitution to levy and collect a maintenance tax; to call an election; to clarify and enlarge the purposes for which bond money can be spent; to permit approval by the State Board of Water Engineers after the issuance of bonds and on a separate or individual basis on that portion of projects for which detailed plans and specifications are prepared by the Soil Conservation Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture; to limit this approval to bond issues of $250,000 or less; and to validate actions of districts previously organized for these purposes [Mon Nov 11, 1957]
  • Changing the name of Kerrville State Home to Kerrville State Hospital [Mon Nov 11, 1957]
  • Conferring upon the Game and Fish Commission authority to regulate wildlife resources of Nolan County [Mon Nov 11, 1957]
  • Counties of Hopkins, Delta, and Franklin shall be excepted in the prohibition of hunting mink with dogs [Mon Nov 11, 1957]
  • Providing for the Veterans Land Board to publish notices of bond sales and authorizing the Board to demand that bids be accompanied by exchange or bank cashier's check [Mon Nov 11, 1957]
  • Resolutions to sue the State [Mon Nov 11, 1957]


The House Journal and Senate Journal for the 55th 1st Called Session are available from the Legislative Reference Library.

House Rules (55th R.S.)
Joint Rules (55th R.S.)
Senate Rules (55th R.S.)

Bill statistics for the 55th Legislature, 1st Called Session

Filed 62 48 0 153 41 19 0 130 103 453
Passed 13 35 0 146 31 14 0 127 44 366
Vetoed 1 0 0 0 3 1 0 0 4 5