43rd 3rd Called Session

Joint Committees
Anti-Nepotism, Special   Report
Poet Laureate Selection, Special   Report
Reductions in State Appropriations, Special   Report
Senate Committees
Agricultural Affairs  
Aransas Pass Hurricane Damage   Report
Civil Jurisprudence  
Commerce and Manufacturing  
Congressional Districts  
Constitutional Amendments  
Contingent Expense  
Counties and County Boundaries  
Crime Investigation   Report
Criminal Jurisprudence  
Educational Affairs  
Engrossed Bills  
Enrolled Bills  
Federal Relations  
Game and Fish  
Highway Department Investigation, Committee of the Whole Senate   Reports
Highway Department Investigation, Committee of the Whole Senate, Board of Managers  
Highway Department Investigation, Committee of the Whole Senate, Subcommittee on Rules of Procedure   Report
Internal Improvements  
Investigating   Reports
Investigating Crime  
Judicial Districts  
Military Affairs  
Mining, Irrigation and Drainage  
Nominations of the Governor  
Privileges and Elections  
Public Buildings and Grounds  
Public Debts  
Public Health  
Public Land and Land Office  
Public Printing  
Representative Districts  
Rio Grande Valley Hurricane Damage   Report
Senatorial Districts  
State Affairs  
State Highways and Motor Traffic  
State Institutions and Departments  
State Penitentiaries  
Stock and Stockraising  
Tax Program   Report
Texas Rehabilitation and Relief Commission Investigation, Committee of the Whole Senate   Report
Texas Rehabilitation and Relief Commission Investigation, Committee of the Whole Senate, Steering Committee  
Town and City Corporations  
House Committees
Alleged Assault on Representative Burns, Investigate, Special   Report
Appropriations Subcommittee on Hospital for Crippled and Deformed Children   Report
Appropriations Subcommittee on Selling State Jobs   Reports
Banks and Banking  
Book of Texas Company   Report
Claims and Accounts  
Commerce and Manufactures  
Common Carriers  
Congressional and Legislative Districts  
Conservation and Reclamation  
Constitutional Amendments  
Contingent Expenses  
Criminal Jurisprudence  
Education   Report
Engrossed Bills  
Enrolled Bills  
Examination of Comptroller's and Treasurer's Accounts  
Federal Relations  
Game and Fisheries  
Highways and Motor Traffic  
Inspection of Prison System, Special   Report
Judicial Districts  
Judiciary   Report
Liquor Traffic  
Livestock and Stock Raising  
Military Affairs  
Municipal and Private Corporations  
Oil, Gas, and Mining   Report
Privileges, Suffrage and Elections   Reports
Public Health  
Public Lands and Buildings  
Public Printing  
Questionnaire Submitted to Members of the House, Special   Report
Revenue and Taxation  
Salt Water Fisheries and Marine Taxation, Legislative Investigating   Report
School Districts  
Selling of State Jobs, Investigate Alleged   Report
State Affairs  
State Eleemosynary and Reformatory Institutions