48th Regular Session

Joint Committees
Legislative Audit, Special   Report
Poet Laureate Selection, Special   Report
Rural Aid, Special  
Senate Committees
Agricultural Affairs  
Assignment and Employment, Special  
Brazos River Conservation and Reclamation District, Investigation, Special   Report
Civil Jurisprudence  
Commerce and Manufacturing  
Congressional Districts  
Constitutional Amendments  
Contingent Expense  
Counties and County Boundaries  
Criminal Jurisprudence  
Election Laws, Special  
Engrossed Bills  
Enrolled Bills  
Federal Relations  
Feed Shortage, Investigation, Special   Reports
Game and Fish  
Highways and Motor Traffic  
Internal Improvements  
Interstate Cooperation  
Investigating, Special   Reports
Judicial Districts  
Military Affairs  
Nominations of the Governor  
Oil, Gas and Conservation  
Privileges and Elections  
Public Buildings and Grounds  
Public Debts, Claims and Accounts  
Public Health  
Public Lands and Land Office  
Public Printing  
Representative Districts  
Senatorial Districts  
State Affairs  
State Departments and Institutions  
State Penitentiaries  
Stock and Stock Raising  
Textbooks and The University of Texas, Investigation, Special and Interim   Reports
Towns and City Corporations  
House Committees
Banks and Banking  
Claims and Accounts  
Commerce and Manufactures  
Common Carriers  
Congressional and Legislative Districts  
Conservation and Reclamation  
Constitutional Amendments  
Contingent Expenses  
Criminal Jurisprudence  
Engrossed Bills  
Enrolled Bills  
Examination of Comptroller's and Treasurer's Accounts  
Federal Relations  
Game and Fisheries  
Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority, Lower Colorado River Authority, and City of San Antonio, Investigation, Special   Reports
Highways and Roads  
Interstate Cooperation  
Judicial Districts  
Judicial Redistricting  
Judiciary and Uniform State Laws  
Liquor Regulation  
Livestock and Stock Raising  
Local and Uncontested Bills  
Military Affairs  
Motor Transportation  
Municipal and Private Corporations  
Oil, Gas, and Mining  
Old Age Assistance/Social Security, Special   Reports
Prison System (Prison Guard Shortage), Special   Report
Prison System and Management   Report
Privileges, Suffrage and Elections   Report
Public Health  
Public Lands and Buildings  
Public Printing  
Purchase of Certain Books by Texas University, Special  
Representation Before the Legislature  
Revenue and Taxation  
Sale of Meat, Special   Report
School Census, Special   Report
School Districts  
State Affairs  
State Eleemosynary and Reformatory Institutions   Report
State Eleemosynary and Reformatory Institutions, Investigation   Report