60th Regular Session

Joint Committees
Beaches   Report
Charitable Immunity  
Constitutional Revision Commission   Reports
Depuration of Oysters and Other Shellfish  
Emergency Hospital Treatment   Report
Faculty Compensation   Report
Governor's Mansion Preservation  
Highway Safety  
Land Use and Environmental Control   Reports
Multistate Tax Compact Advisory Committee  
Parking and Traffic  
Poet Laureate Selection, Special   Report
Portrait of General William C. Westmoreland  
State and Local Tax Policy  
Texas Commission on Law Enforcement and Administration of Justice  
Uninsured Motorists  
Senate Committees
Agriculture and Livestock  
Banking   Report
Constitutional Amendments   Report
Contingent Expenses  
Counties, Cities, and Towns  
Economy in State Government   Reports
Education   Report
Enrolled and Engrossed Bills  
Flag of Alamo, Special  
Game and Fish  
General Investigating  
Governmental Immunity   Reports
Insurance Investigation, Hospital, Health and Accident Insurance   Reports
Interstate Cooperation  
Jurisprudence   Report
Labor and Management Relations   Report
Legislative, Congressional and Judicial Districts   Report
Local and Uncontested Bills, Special  
Military and Veterans Affairs   Report
Oil and Gas   Report
Parks and Recreation   Report
Placement of Lieutenant Governors' Portraits  
Poverty in Texas   Report
Privileges and Elections   Report
Public Health   Report
Rules   Report
Rules of the Senate  
Slums and Slum Clearance   Report
State Affairs   Report
State Departments and Institutions  
Vocational-Technical Education   Report
Water and Conservation   Report
House Committees
Aeronautics Commission   Report
Architecture, Engineering and Landscape Architecture  
Banks and Banking  
Claims and Accounts  
Commerce and Manufacturers  
Common Carriers  
Congressional and Legislative Districts  
Conservation and Reclamation  
Constitutional Amendments  
Contingent Expenses  
County Government   Report
Criminal Jurisprudence  
Criminal Law  
Doctrine of Sovereign Immunity (Governmental Immunity, Tort Claims Act)   Report
Education   Reports
Eggs, Grading and Importation  
Election Code   Reports
Engrossed Bills  
Enrolled Bills  
Entertainment Industry  
Examination of Comptroller's and Treasurer's Accounts  
Facilities for the Criminally Insane and the Insane Criminal   Report
Federal Relations  
General Investigating, Special and Interim  
Highways and Roads  
House Administration  
House Office  
Interstate Cooperation  
Judicial Districts  
Juvenile Crime and Delinquency  
Juvenile Crime and Delinquency, Interim   Reports
Liquor Control Act, Financial and Business Relationship Between Permittees and Licensees   Report
Liquor Regulation  
Livestock and Stock Raising  
Local Bills  
Mental Health and Mental Retardation  
Military and Veterans' Affairs  
Motor Traffic  
Natural Fiber   Report
Oil, Gas and Mining  
Organ Transplantation   Report
Parks and Wildlife  
Privileges, Suffrage and Elections  
Public Health  
Public Lands and Buildings  
Recreational Water Safety  
Representation Before the Legislature  
Revenue and Taxation  
School Districts  
Securities Study and Assistance for Small Manufacturers (Feasibility of Texas Stock Exchange)   Reports
State Affairs   Reports
State Affairs Subcommittee to Study Liquor Law   Report
State Officials on Suggested Legislation of the Council of State Governments  
State Parks  
Urban Affairs  
Urban Affairs Committee of the Southern Conference of the Council of State Governments  
Wages and Employment   Report
Water   Reports