77th Regular Session

Session Summaries for the 77th Regular Session

Governor Rick Perry

Accomplishments of the 77th Legislature
Matches topics from the State of the State Address with legislation enacted by the 77th Legislature.

House Research Organization

Major Issues of the 77th Legislature, Regular Session
Summarizes legislation considered by the 77th Legislature.

Topics for the 77th Legislature
Highlights topics that the 77th Legislature may consider during its regular session.

Senate Research Center

Highlights of the 77th Texas Legislature
Summarizes significant legislative action. Organized by subject. Includes an analysis of the Appropriations Act. (353 pages)

Issues Facing the 77th Texas Legislature
Examines issues that will likely be addressed by the 77th Legislature.

Texas Legislative Council

Summary of Enactments: 77th Legislature
Provides synopses of significant legislation, including governor's vetoes. Organized by subject, with proposed constitutional amendments, state agency changes, and sunset legislation treated separately. (693 pages).