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LRL Home - Legislators and Leaders - Political party statistics - Political affiliation, 41st Legislatureprinter friendly versionreturn to screen view

Party affiliation - 41st Legislature

  Totals based on membership as of first day of the regular session, January 8, 1929

House of Representatives
Democrats in the House of Representatives[ 149 of 150 99%]
Walter Peter Acker
John M. Ackerman
Thurman W. Adkins
James C. Albritton
Preston L. Anderson
James D. Avis
Joe H. Baker
Frank Baldwin
S.E. 'Speedy' Barnett
Wingate Stuart Barron, Sr.
Samuel E. Bateman
Walter H. Beck
Thomas R. Bond
W.R. Bounds
Rolland Barr Bradley
Alexander Brice
Benjamin F. Brooks
William C. Carpenter
Oscar Fitzallen Chastain
George Coltrin
Virgil E. Conway
Ernest Calvin Cox
George Cox
John Thomas Cox
John E. Davis
Homer DeWolfe
Edwin Dunlap
Jesse Duvall
David John Enderby
Robert Brown Ewing
James Finlay, Sr.
Paul Finn
Benjamin Forbes
Robert Fuchs
Sam Gates
Orion Elwin Gerron
Victor Gilbert
Eugene Victor Giles
H.N. Graves
William Thomas Graves
Alfred Harding
Bailey W. Hardy
William Murdock Harman
J.W. Harper
Julian Harrison
James Heaton
Sam Hefley
Charles C. Hines
Mike Hogg
Ray Holder
W.K. Hopkins
E. Polk Hornaday
Robert M. Hubbard
Charles Jenkins
Albert Johnson
Andrew Johnson
William Riley Johnson
Walter E. Jones
A.N. Justiss
Harold Kayton
W.F. Keeton
Jack Keller
George Kemble
J.C. Kennedy
Lee Kenyon
Robert Lee Kincaid
Arthur Howard King
James William Kinnear
Cornelius Land
Green Lee
Vernon Lemens
John Andrew Long
R.J. "Bob" Long
J.J. Loy
Luke Mankin
Frank Martin
Theophilus Mauritz
Copentitus Bannister Maynard
Charles McCombs
James Eric McDonald
Joseph McGill
A. J. McKean, Sr.
Michael Edward Mehl
Penrose Metcalfe
Fred Hawthorne Minor
W. R. Montgomery
Helen Moore
Robert Emmett Morse
Harvey Clifton Moseley
Edward Mullally
E.T. Murphy
Laura Burleson Negley
Carl Nicholson
Matthew Emmett O'Neill
J.J. Olsen
Edwin Pinkney Palmer
Frank Patterson, Jr.
James Pavlica
Alfred Petsch
Adrian C. Pool
Bowen Pope
Walter Pope
F.H. Prendergast
George Clark Purl
B. Edmund Quinn
Homer Ray
Robert Reader
W.E. Reid
John Faulkner Renfro
Daniel D. Richardson
John Carlton Rogers
Carl Rountree
Phil Sanders
William Savage
Charles Shaver
E.P. Shelton
Clarence Junius Sherrill
Jesse Shipman
William Simmons
Ed R. Sinks
Travis Smith
John B. Snelgrove
Carlos Speck
George C. Stephens
Coke Robert Stevenson
Cecil Storey
Nelson R. Strong
Arthur Tarwater
J. Lewis Thompson
Roger H. Thurmond
Leonard E. Tillotson
Henry Albert Turner
Olan Van Zandt
John Holland Veatch
C.H. Waddell
John Wallace
John Walters
George W. Ware
Clyde Warwick
Henry E. Webb
Lawrence Westbrook
John White
W.H. Wiggs
Simeon Rufus Williams
William Owen Williams
William T. Williams
Benjamin Woodall
H. Grady Woodruff
Dewey Young
Republicans in the House of Representatives[ 1 of 150 1%]
Reno Eickenroht
Democrats in the Senate[ 30 of 30 100%]
J.W.E.H. Beck
Benjamin Franklin Berkeley
Oliver Cunningham
Tom A. DeBerry
Charles S. Gainer
Julian P. Greer
Carl C. Hardin
T.J. Holbrook
John W. Hornsby
Julien C. Hyer
Thomas Bell Love
Will M. Martin
W.D. McFarlane
Eugene Miller
Joe M. Moore
Margie E. Neal
Archie Parr
Pink L. Parrish
Nat Patton
Tomas G. Pollard
Gus Russek
C.C. Small
James William Stevenson
William Edgar Thomason
Ed Westbrook
W. Albert Williamson
A.J. Wirtz
Edgar E. Witt
Walter Woodul
Walter C. Woodward

Districts represented by more than one person
H District 5 Benjamin Woodall Democrat 01/08/1929 - 07/05/1929  
H District 5 Joseph Andrew Riley Unknown 01/20/1930 - 01/13/1931   Not included in the statistics above.
H District 33 Travis Smith Democrat 01/08/1929 - 06/10/1929  
H District 33 John Magee Democrat 07/09/1929 - 01/13/1931   Not included in the statistics above.
H District 60 Ernest Calvin Cox Democrat 01/08/1929 - 08/26/1929  
H District 60 Sam Houston Allred, Sr. Unknown 01/20/1930 - 01/13/1931   Not included in the statistics above.
H District 87 Roger H. Thurmond Democrat 01/08/1929 - 07/20/1929  
H District 87 J. Turney Terrell Democrat 02/08/1930 - 01/13/1931   Not included in the statistics above.
H District 94 Jesse Shipman Democrat 01/08/1929 - 07/20/1929  
H District 94 Frank West Democrat 01/20/1930 - 01/13/1931   Not included in the statistics above.
H District 100-1 Orion Elwin Gerron Democrat 01/08/1929 - 07/20/1929  
H District 100-1 Bowd Farrar Democrat 01/20/1930 - 01/13/1931   Not included in the statistics above.
H District 109 George W. Ware Democrat 01/08/1929 - 02/13/1929  
H District 109 Frank Harvie Marks Unknown 04/22/1929 - 01/13/1931   Not included in the statistics above.
H District 124 John White Democrat 01/08/1929 - 10/16/1929  
H District 124 Arthur C. Johnson Democrat 01/20/1930 - 01/13/1931   Not included in the statistics above.

Members not listed above
S District 4 W.R. Cousins Democrat 01/28/1929 - 01/13/1931   Not included in the statistics above.