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Jerry Sadler

Jerry Sadler
Full Name: Jerry Sadler
Birth date: September 8, 1907
Death date: February 25, 1982

Terms of Service

  • House, 56th Legislature
    1/13/1959 - 1/10/1961
  • House, 55th Legislature
    1/8/1957 - 1/13/1959
  • House, 54th (1) Legislature
    1/11/1955 - 1/8/1957
(1) Sadler's lifetime home address was Hickory Grove in Anderson County but his mailing address for the 54th and 55th Legislatures was Percilla, in Houston County, outside his district. For the 56th Legislature, it was his Palestine law office. Members of the Texas Congress 1836-1845; Members of the Texas Legislature 1846-2004 2005.

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Other Resources

  • "Recalling the Fighting Champ of Texas Politics," 1/26/1990. Austin American-Statesman .
  • Obituary, 2/26/1982. New York Times .
  • Railroad Commissioners Past through Present, with dates of service. Railroad Commission of Texas .
  • Sadler, Jerry. Texas State Cemetery .
  • United States Cavalry; United States Army, Lieutenant Colonel, World War II. Headstone inscription includes: "12th U.S. Cavalry 1927-1929, Fort Brown, Tex.; Railroad Commissioner of Texas 1939 - Resigned in 1942 To Enter U.S. Army in World War II; Served 27 Months in Persian Gulf Command; Honorably Discharged in 1945 with Rank of Lt. Colonel." Texas State Cemetery .
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