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Eddie De La Garza

Eddie De La Garza
Full Name: Eddie De La Garza

Terms of Service

  • House, 74th Legislature
    1/10/1995 - 1/14/1997
  • House, 73rd Legislature
    1/12/1993 - 1/10/1995
  • House, 72nd Legislature
    1/8/1991 - 1/12/1993

Biographical Notes and Resources

Resolutions and Journal entries


Other Resources

  • Star Legislator, "Legislative Stars Shine Through Difficult Session," Volume 15, Number 2, Summer 1995, pp. 8-9, 29. The Classroom Teacher: The Magazine of the Texas Classroom Teachers Association .
  • "De la Garza won't resign if called up," 1/19/1991. Relatives: Eligio De La Garza - Uncle; Eddie De La Garza - Nephew. Valley Morning Star .
  • "De la Garza is a captain in the 365th Armory Reserve Unit in McAllen but will begin serving in Judge Advocate General Corps, a lawyer branch of the army reserves, on Aug. 31." "State Representative-Elect Prepared for Gulf Duty," 8/29/1990.
    Assigned to a unit at Fort Hood. "De la Garza Won't Resign if Called Up," 1/19/1991. Valley Morning Star .

Committee Information

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