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Benjamin Grady Oneal

Ben G. Oneal
Full Name: Benjamin Grady "Ben" Oneal
Birth date: December 9, 1874
Death date: November 14, 1960

Terms of Service

(1) 44th Legislature - 1/8/1935, p. 1, listed in "Roll Call of New Senators" and "Certificate of New Senators." Senate Journal .
(2) 45th Legislature - 1/12/1937, pp. 1-2, listed in "Roll Call of Senators . . . who were Members of the Forty-fourth Legislature and whose terms of office continue for the duration of the Forty-fifth Legislature." Senate Journal .
(3) 42nd Legislature - 1/13/1931, p. 1, listed in "Roll Call of Newly-Elected Senators." Senate Journal .
(4) 43rd Legislature - 1/10/1933, p. 1, listed in "Roll Call of Holdover Senators." Senate Media .

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