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Bailey Whitson Hardy

Bailey W. Hardy
Full Name: Bailey Whitson Hardy
Birth date: April 1, 1897
Death date: March 22, 1939

Terms of Service

  • House, 42nd Legislature
    1/13/1931 - 1/10/1933
  • House, 41st Legislature
    1/8/1929 - 1/13/1931

Biographical Notes and Resources

Resolutions and Journal entries


Other Resources

  • Biographical sketch, "Who's Who and What's What in the Texas Legislature," by Ed Kilman, 1/26/1929, sec. 2, p. 2. Houston Post-Dispatch .
  • Memorial, May 1939, p. 145. Texas Bar Journal .
  • United States Army, Lieutenant, World War I. "Soon after his graduation [1918], he entered the Officers Training School at Peterburg, Va., where he was commissioned as a lieutenant in the United States Army shortly before the Armistice." Memorial, May 1939, p. 145. Texas Bar Journal .
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