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Robert McAlpine Wagstaff

R.M. Wagstaff
Full Name: Robert McAlpine Wagstaff
Birth date: September 2, 1892
Death date: April 9, 1973

Terms of Service

  • House, 43rd (1) Legislature
    1/10/1933 - 1/8/1935
  • House, 42nd Legislature
    1/13/1931 - 1/10/1933
(1) Name, postoffice, occupation, association membership, relationship to persons in state or county government. Resolution, 9/18/1933, pp. 45-48, and Questionnaire Authorized and Directed by Resolution Adopted by the House, 10/11/1933, pp. 588-601. House Journal .

Biographical Notes and Resources

Resolutions and Journal entries


Other Resources

  • WAGSTAFF, ROBERT MCALPINE (1892-1973). Relatives: father - John Miles Wagstaff, son - Robert McAlpine Wagstaff. Handbook of Texas Online .
  • Texas Brigade; United States Army, Major, World War I. "In Austin he joined the Texas Brigade, and in 1916, a month before he was to graduate from law school, he was called to active duty on the border during raids of Francisco (Pancho) Villa. Wagstaff received his law degree in absentia and was admitted to the bar in 1916. After the United States declared war on Germany, he was sent back to Abilene to organize Company I, Seventh Texas Infantry, the region's first National Guard unit. The company trained locally and at Camp Bowie in Fort Worth. With the merger of Texas and Oklahoma units, it became the headquarters company, 142d Infantry, Thirty-sixth Division (see THIRTY-SIXTH INFANTRY DIVISION). After service in Europe, Wagstaff retired as a major and returned to Abilene to join the Wagstaff law firm." Handbook of Texas Online .
  • Data on U.S. Army Divisions during World War I, 36th Division (Texas and Oklahoma National Guard). RootsWeb.com Internet genealogical service .
  • Memorial, September 1973, p. 857. Texas Bar Journal .
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