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Robert Lee Bobbitt

Robert Lee Bobbitt
Full Name: Robert Lee Bobbitt, Sr.
Birth date: January 24, 1888
Death date: September 14, 1972

Terms of Service

  • House, 40th Legislature
    1/11/1927 - 1/8/1929
  • House, 39th Legislature
    1/13/1925 - 1/11/1927
  • House, 38th Legislature
    1/9/1923 - 1/13/1925

Biographical Notes and Resources

Resolutions and Journal entries


Other Resources

  • 50th Speaker of the House of Representatives: Robert Lee Bobbitt. Photo and biographical sketch. Presiding Officers of the Texas Legislature, 1846-2016 2016.
  • United States Army, Captain, World War I. "Bobbitt interrupted his career in October 1917 when after the onset of World War I he joined the army. He was assigned originally to the 90th Division but was transferred to a field artillery depot in South Carolina just before the division was sent to France, and consequently he did not see any actual combat duty. During his time in the artillery unit, Bobbitt was occasionally diverted to work as soldiers’ defense counsel. Bobbitt was discharged with the rank of captain in 1919." Presiding Officers of the Texas Legislature, 1846-2016 2016.
  • Memorial, November 1972, p. 1081. Texas Bar Journal .
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