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Lee J. Rountree

Lee J. Rountree
Full Name: Leonidas Johnson "Lee" Rountree
Birth date: July 15, 1868
Death date: May 2, 1923

Terms of Service

  • House, 38th (1) Legislature
    1/9/1923 - 5/2/1923
  • House, 37th Legislature
    1/11/1921 - 1/9/1923
(1) Rountree died at his desk 5/2/1923. Members of the Texas Congress 1836-1845; Members of the Texas Legislature 1846-2004 2005.

Biographical Notes and Resources

Resolutions and Journal entries

  • 38th Legislature, 2nd C.S., "Communication from Mrs. Lee J. Rountree," 5/15/1923, p. 769. House Journal .
  • 38th Legislature, 2nd C.S., 5/5/1923, pp. 262-263. Rountree born in July, 1868. Resolutions - Memorial .
  • 39th Legislature, R.S., 1/14/1925, p. 26. Resolutions - Memorial .
  • Confederate States Army, refers to "Colonel Rountree." 38th Legislature, 2nd C.S., 5/5/1923, pp. 262-263. Resolutions - Memorial .


Other Resources

  • Mentioned in "A Journalistic Survivor - The History of The Eagle," 3/4/2005. Bryan Eagle .
  • Obituaries and photo printed in Bryan Weekly Eagle, "Bryan and All Texas is Mourning Loss of One of State's Most Prominent Statesmen, Rep. Lee J. Rountree," 5/3/1923, p. 1. Bryan Eagle .
  • Photo and biographical sketch (Frances Rountree). Born 1878?, death date 12/5/1956. First woman elected to represent Brazos County. One of the first two widows of legislators elected to the Texas Legislature (with Cora Gray Strong.) Relatives: Lee J. Rountree - husband, Frances Rountree - wife. Capitol Women: Texas Female Legislators, 1923-1999 2000.
  • Listed in "Men who have represented Grimes County in the House of Representatives/State Senate, 1846-1931," pp. 205-209. Includes Date, Legislatures, District, and Source of Data. Early History of Grimes County 1930. Early History of Grimes County
  • Leonidas Johnson "Lee J." Rountree, birth date 7/15/1868, death date 5/2/1923, biographical sketches, portrait, burial in Bryan City Cemetery, Brazos County. Find a Grave .
  • Photo and obituary, "Lee J. Rountree Drops Dead While on Floor of Legislative Chamber," 5/3/1923, pp. 1-2. Galveston Daily News .
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