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José Tomás Canales

J.T. Canales
Full Name: José Tomás Canales
Birth date: March 7, 1877
Death date: March 30, 1976

Terms of Service

  • House, 36th Legislature
    1/14/1919 - 1/11/1921
  • House, 35th Legislature
    1/9/1917 - 1/14/1919
  • House, 31st (1) Legislature
    1/12/1909 - 1/10/1911
  • House, 30th Legislature
    1/8/1907 - 1/12/1909
  • House, 29th Legislature
    1/10/1905 - 1/8/1907
(1) Democrat; roster of members of the 31st Legislature with biographical and party information. "Year Book 1909," Number 13, May-June 1910, pp. 408-415. Bulletin (Texas Department of Agriculture) 1910.

Biographical Notes and Resources

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Other Resources

  • Relatives of Representative Terry Canales: José Tomás Canales - Great Uncle; Terry Andres Canales - Father (Son of Praxedis Canales); Amando F. Canales - Cousin (Son of Andres Cavazos Canales); Gabi Canales - Sister. Ancestry.com .
  • "My Father's Family," State Rep. Terry Canales. Relatives: José Tomás Canales - Great Uncle; Terry Andres Canales - Father; Gabi Canales - Sister. Campaign Website .
  • CANALES, JOSÉ TOMÁS (1877-1976). Handbook of Texas Online .
  • Mentioned in TEJANO POLITICS. Listed among the Tejanos who served in the Texas House and Senate. Handbook of Texas Online .
  • Mentioned in MEXICAN AMERICAN LEGISLATIVE CAUCUS article. Handbook of Texas Online .
  • Biographical sketch, Volume II, pp. 995-996. Historical Review of South-east Texas and the Founders, Leaders and Representative Men of Its Commerce, Industry and Civic Affairs 1910.
  • Book in LRL collection, 363.209764 H557R 2021. Section II, J.T. Canales, Resistance, and Resilience, includes Chapter 6. The World of Education among Ethnic Mexicans in J.T. Canales’s South Texas (Philis M. Barragán Goetz and Carlos K. Blanton); Chapter 8. José Tomás Canales and the Paradox of Power (Richard Ribb); and Chapter 9, J.T. Canales's Contributions in Law, Civil Rights, and Education, 1920–1976 (Cynthia E. Orozco). Reverberations of Racial Violence: Critical Reflections on the History of the Border 2021.
  • Biographical sketch included in Tejano Struggle for Representation 2004.
  • Biographical sketch and inventory of the J.T. Canales Estate Collection. Texas A&M University Kingsville .
  • Memorial, July 1976, p. 695. Texas Bar Journal .
  • Discussed in "The Secret History of Anti-Mexican Violence in Texas," October 2018, book review of The Injustice Never Leaves You: Anti-Mexican Violence in Texas by Monica Muñoz Martinez. Texas Monthly .
  • Book in LRL collection, 323.1168 M366I 2018. The Injustice Never Leaves You: Anti-Mexican Violence in Texas 2018.
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