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Offa Shivers Lattimore

O.S. Lattimore
Full Name: Offa Shivers Lattimore
Birth date: January 10, 1865
Death date: October 27, 1937

Terms of Service

(1) 34th Legislature - Elected November 3, 1914, oath of office administered to members elect, 1/12/1915, pp. 1-2. Senate Journal .
(2) 33rd Legislature - Roll Call, holdover Senators elected on 11/8/1910 for a full period of four years, 1/14/1913, pp. 1-3. Senate Journal .
(3) 32nd Legislature - Roll Call of Senators-elect, oath of office administered, 1/10/1911, pp. 1-2. Senate Journal .
(4) 35th Legislature - Roll Call of Holdover Senators, 1/9/1917, pp. 1-2. Senate Journal .

Biographical Notes and Resources


Other Resources

  • LATTIMORE, OFFA SHIVERS (1865-1937). Handbook of Texas Online .
  • Biography of O.S. Lattimore in History of Texas, author Sam Houston (lacks title page), publisher unknown, pp. 654-656. HeritageQuest Online .
  • Biographical sketch, Senate of the 35th Legislature, "A Look at the Affairs of State: The Real Names and Addresses of Thirty-one Senators With Additional Facts," 3/22/1917, p. 6. Houston Post .
  • Biographical sketch and portrait, Offa Shivers Lattimore, Judge, Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, 1919-1937. Justices of Texas, 1836-1986 (Tarlton Law Library, The University of Texas at Austin) 2004.
  • Memorial, February 1938, p. 39. Texas Bar Journal .
  • Lattimore, Offa Shivers. Texas State Cemetery .
  • History of the Elizabeth Patton Crockett monument in Acton, TX. Legislation establishing the monument introduced by Senators O.S. Lattimore and Pierce Ward. TexasEscapes.com .
  • Biography of O.S. and his father, John Lee Lattimore, p. 54. The Terrells: Eighty-Five Years Texas from Indians to Atomic Bomb 1948.
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