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John Benion Lee

J.B. Lee
Full Name: John Benion Lee
Other surnames: Binion
Birth date: March 8, 1863
Death date: March 29, 1918

Terms of Service

  • House, 35th Legislature
    1/9/1917 - 3/29/1918

Biographical Notes and Resources

Selected Newspaper articles

Resolutions and Journal entries

  • 35th Legislature, 4th C.S., 3/26/1918, pp. 577-578, 580. Resolutions adopted relating to illness of Hon J.B. Lee. House Journal .
  • 36th Legislature, R.S., 1/16/1919, p. 59. Lee died "a few days after the adjournment" of 35th 4th C.S. (adjourned 3/27/1918). Resolutions - Memorial .


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