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Edwin Augustus Atlee, Sr.

E.A. Atlee
Full Name: Edwin Augustus Atlee, Sr.
Birth date: March 16, 1846
Death date: January 5, 1910

Terms of Service

  • Senate, 26th (4) & 25th (8) Legislatures
    1/13/1897 - 1/8/1901
  • Senate, 24th (6) & 23rd (7) Legislatures
    1/10/1893 - 1/12/1897
    Senate President Pro Tempore, elected 5/6/1893, Regular Session.
  • Senate, 22nd (2) & 21st (1) (3) (5) Legislatures
    1/8/1889 - 1/10/1893
  • House, 19th Legislature
    1/13/1885 - 1/11/1887
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(8) Second Day, Wednesday, 1/13/1897. "Senator-elect Atlee not having present at the organization on yesterday, approached the President's stand and took the oath of office." Senate Journal .

Biographical Notes and Resources


Other Resources

  • Biographical sketch, "Lawmakers of Texas: Something about Men Who Left Records at Austin: Cranford, Bowser, Simpson, Atlee, Imboden, Steele, Greer and Douglass. Their Personal and Political Points," 8/27/1893, p. 13. Galveston Daily News .
  • ATLEE, EDWIN AUGUSTUS (1846-1910). Handbook of Texas Online .
  • "Senator Atlee," 6/20/1886, p. 4. "Mr. E.A. Atlee, of Laredo, permits us to announce his name as a candidate for State Senator, to fill the unexpired term occasioned by the death of senator E.F. Hall . . . Should he receive the nomination, which is equivalent to an election, the 27th. district will be ably represented.—Cotulla Ledger." Laredo Times .
  • Biographical sketch, E.A. Atlee, p. 7. Personnel of the Texas State Government for 1885, 19th Legislature 1885.
  • Portrait and biographical sketch, E.A. Atlee, pp. 209-212. Personnel of the Texas State Government with Sketches of Distinguished Texans, 21st Legislature 1889.
  • "First Wireless Message," 8/7/1907, p. 10. San Antonio Light .
  • Biographical sketch, E.A. Atlee, pp. 30-31. Born 3/16/1846 in Athens, Tennessee. Texas State Government: A Volume of Biographical Sketches and Passing Comment, 25th Legislature 1897.
  • Biographical sketch of Edwin Atlee, Sr., pp. 387-388. Born 3/16/1846; died in 1910. Relatives: Edwin Augustus Atlee, Sr. - father; Edwin Augustus Atlee, Jr. - son. The Texas Senate: Volume II, Civil War to the Eve of Reform, 1861-1889 1999.

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