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William Thomas Armistead

William T. Armistead
Full Name: William Thomas Armistead
Other surnames: Armisted
Birth date: October 25, 1848
Death date: September 1, 1920

Terms of Service

  • House, 24th Legislature
    1/8/1895 - 1/12/1897
  • Senate, 21st (1) (7) & 20th (6) (9) Legislatures
    1/11/1887 - 1/13/1891
  • House, 19th (2) (3) (4) (8) (10) Legislature
    1/13/1885 - 1/11/1887
  • House, 18th (5) Legislature
    1/9/1883 - 1/13/1885
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