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David Sudduth Lindsey

D.S. Lindsey
Full Name: David Sudduth "Dave" Lindsey
Birth date: October 12, 1837
Death date: September 11, 1901

Terms of Service

  • House, 24th Legislature
    1/8/1895 - 1/12/1897
  • House, 23rd Legislature
    1/10/1893 - 1/8/1895

Biographical Notes and Resources


Other Resources

  • Relatives: John Thomas Lindsey - nephew; David Lindsey - uncle. Biographical sketch and photo, John Thomas Lindsey, Volume IV, pp. 322-324. East Texas: Its History and Its Makers 1940.
  • Confederate States Army, 1st Lieutenant, Texas Cavalry. Military grave marker, David S. Lindsey. Hon. D.S. Lindsey, birth date 10/12/1837, death date 9/11/1901, burial in Lindsey Cemetery, Warren, Tyler County. Find a Grave .
  • David Sudduth Lindsey, birth date 10/12/1837, son of James Sudduth Lindsey, M.D., and Mariah Files. Family group sheet. Genealogy.com 2004.
  • David Lindsey mentioned as "other kin and friends of James Barclay" in The James Barclay Story, compiled by Teddy Barclay Pope, Ed. D. and Dennis LaVerne Pope, October 1, 1999. Dave Lindsey was the brother of James Oliver Lindsey, James Barclay's son-in-law and the father of John Thomas Lindsey. RootsWeb.com Internet genealogical service .
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