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John Gallatin Kearby

J.G. Kearby
Full Name: John Gallatin Kearby
Birth date: December 3, 1848
Death date: January 23, 1919

Terms of Service

(1) 2-year term; entire Senate went up for reelection in 1892 due to redistricting. Act approved Apr. 19, 1892, 22nd Legislature, 1st C.S., ch. 20. Apportionment Laws of Texas, 1836-1950 1950.
(2) Democrat. Biennial Report of the Secretary of State of the State of Texas: List of Senators and Representatives .
(3) 22nd Legislature - 1/13/1891, p. 1, listed as new member in roll call: "The credentials of the new members were presented, and the following senators had the oath of office administered them by the president pro tem of the senate." Senate Journal .
(4) 23rd Legislature - All 31 Senators are listed in Roll Call on First Day, 1/10/1893, p. 1; resolution by Sen. Cranford that the Senators shall now be divided by lot into two classes, 1/11/1893, p. 5; drew term of 2 years. Senate Journal . January 10, 1893
January 11, 1893

Biographical Notes and Resources

Resolutions and Journal entries

  • 36th Legislature, R.S., Simple Resolution 65, 2/13/1919, p. 349. John Gallatin Kearby, death date 1/3/1919. Resolutions - Memorial .


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