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Augustus Weyman Houston

A.W. Houston
Full Name: Augustus Weyman Houston
Birth date: August 3, 1850
Death date: February 21, 1915

Terms of Service

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January 10, 1883
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Biographical Notes and Resources

Resolutions and Journal entries


Other Resources

  • Biographical sketch, Augustus Weyman Houston, pp. 418-419. Biographical Souvenir of the State of Texas, Containing Biographical Sketches of the Representative Public, and Many Early Settled Families 1889.
  • A.W. Houston, birth date 8/3/1850 in Alabama; death date 2/21/1915 in San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas; lawyer. FamilySearch Texas Deaths, 1890-1976 .
  • Account of altercation on the floor of the Senate between Senators Davis and Houston, "Statesman Enraged: a Stormy Scene in the Senate Chamber," 5/15/1885, p. 1. Galveston Daily News .
  • Obituary, "Great Texan Passed to His Reward: Augustus Weyman Houston, Past Grand Master of Texas Masons, Dies," Saturday, 2/27/1915, p. 1. Kerrville Mountain Sun .
  • Biographical sketch, A.W. Houston, p. 32. Born 8/3/1850 in Lauderdale County, Alabama. Personnel of the Texas State Government for 1885, 19th Legislature 1885.
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  • Biographical sketch, Hon. Augustus Weyman Houston, pp. 461-462. "His district is a vast one in extent of territory, extending from the county of Comal on the southeast to the county of El Paso on the northwest, inclusive of both a distance of over eight hundred miles. The difficult task of representing the varied interests of this large district he has performed with credit to himself as well as advantage to his constituents. He has taken a prominent part in the debates of the senate upon all questions of importance during the regular and called sessions of the sixteenth and the regular session of the seventeenth legislature." The Encyclopedia of the New West 1881.
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