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Franklin Lewis Johnston

F.L. Johnson
Full Name: Franklin Lewis "Frank" Johnston
Other surnames: Johnson
Birth date: October 11, 1840
Death date: July 12, 1897

Terms of Service

  • Senate, 18th (3) (4) Legislature
    1/9/1883 - 1/13/1885
  • House, 16th (2) (5) Legislature
    1/14/1879 - 1/11/1881
  • House, 14th (1) Legislature
    1/13/1874 - 4/18/1876
(1) BUENA VISTA, TX (SHELBY COUNTY). "Buena Vista is near the junction of Farm roads 1645 and 2026, twelve miles northwest of Center in northwestern Shelby County. The community was originally called Bucksnort when it began to form in the early 1830s; it was renamed Buena Vista when it received a post office in 1848." Handbook of Texas Online .
(2) District 9 - B.M. Baker, District 8 - F.L. Johnston, 1/14/1879, p. 5. House Journal .
(3) Buena Vista, Shelby County, Democrat. Pocket Directory of the Eighteenth Legislature of Texas 1883.
(4) 18th Legislature, Regular Session - All Senators except District 3 and 21 are listed in Roll Call as taking the oath of office, 1/9/1883, p. 2; resolution by Sen. Gooch that the Senators shall now be divided by lot into two classes, 1/10/1883, pp. 5-6; drew term of 2 years. Senate Journal . January 9, 1883
January 10, 1883
(5) Bio states Baker represented Panola and Shelby counties [District 8] and F.L. Johnston represented Rusk, Panola, and Shelby counties [District 9]. Roster lists both Baker and Johnston as representing District 9. Texas Legislative Manual, 1879-80 1879.

Biographical Notes and Resources


Other Resources

  • JOHNSTON, FRANKLIN LEWIS (1840-1897). Handbook of Texas Online .
  • F.L. Johnston, Buena Vista, Shelby County. Legislative Reference Library Card File .
  • Biographical sketch, "An Early East Texas Legislator and His Kin: Franklin Lewis Johnston (1840-1897), his wife Margaret Dysart, and Allied Families Farrar, Bowdon (Bowdoin), Roberts, and Allen," by Virginia Knobel Tschanz, great granddaughter of Franklin Lewis Johnston. Texas State Genealogical Society. Stirpes, Volume 38, Number 1, March 1998, pp. 3-12, crediting Texas State Genealogical Society. Franklin Lewis Johnston tombstone inscribed with birth date 10/11/1840, death date 7/12/1897, p. 7. Includes legislative service of allied families and Johnston's education, marriage to Margaret Dysart, legislative service, land investments, children, death and burial, and family tree. Relatives: Hon. Franklin Lewis Johnston (1840-1897) - father-in-law, Hon. Simon Bowdon Farrar (1866-1933) - son-in-law, pp. 7-8. Portal to Texas History (University of North Texas Libraries) .
  • Confederate States Army, Sergeant and Quartermaster Clerk, Amason's Company H, 11th Infantry. Col. Robert's Regiment, Walker's Division. Enlisted 2/19/1862 in Shelby County, disbanded at Hempstead, Texas. Died 7/12/1897. Buried: Johnston Cemetery, Tenaha, Shelby County. Shelby County in the Civil War, Franklin Lewis Johnston. RootsWeb.com Internet genealogical service .
  • Johnston Cemetery, Shelby County, Texas. Died 7/1/1897. Name on marker, Franklin Lewis Johnson. Name on wife's marker, Margaret Johnston. Shelby County Historical Society Museum & Library 2002.
  • Biographical sketch, p. 254. Texas Legislative Manual, 1879-80 1879.
  • Biographical sketch, Frank L. Johnston, p. 237. "Frank L. Johnston, of Center, Shelby county . . . " Texas Legislative Manual, 1882-83 1883.
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