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Edward Thomas Broughton, Jr.

E.T. Broughton
Full Name: Edward Thomas "Tom" Broughton, Jr.
Birth date: April 13, 1834
Death date: February 11, 1874

Terms of Service

  • Senate, 13th (1) (2) (6) & 12th (3) (4) (5) (7) Legislatures
    2/8/1870 - 1/13/1874
(1) Entire Senate went up for reelection due to Senatorial redistricting. Act passed Apr. 24, 1873 [presented to Governor May 1, 1873 and became law without his signature], 13th Legislature, R.S., ch. 35, Apportionment Laws of Texas, 1836-1950 1950.
(2) Included on roster of members of the 13th Legislature as a Democrat. Directory of the Members of the Thirteenth Legislature of the State of Texas 1873.
(3) Name listed E.T. in provisional session. Senate Journal .
(4) 12th Legislature, 1st C.S. - Drawing for Terms of Office, 5/2/1870, pp. 51-52. Drew 6-year term. Senate Journal .
(5) 12th Legislature - party affiliation, Conservative. Texas Almanac for . . . and Emigrant's Guide to Texas .
(6) Fifteen members of the 13th Legislature were conservative Democrats. These fifteen were joined by E. Thomas Broughton and Captain Samuel Evans, "both returning conservative independents," p. 145. The Texas Senate: Volume II, Civil War to the Eve of Reform, 1861-1889 1999.
(7) "Like Captain Samuel Evans of neighboring District Twenty-One, he [Broughton] was unwilling to ally himself with any of the political coteries. He ran for the Senate against both a Democrat and a Republican and was elected," p. 91. The Texas Senate: Volume II, Civil War to the Eve of Reform, 1861-1889 1999.

Biographical Notes and Resources


Other Resources

  • Portrait, biographical sketch, and letters of Edward Thomas Broughton to Mary Elizabeth Douglas Broughton (1861-1864). Battle of Raymond 1998.
  • Edward Thomas Broughton and the Johnson Guards historical marker, Prairieville, Kaufman County, Texas. RootsWeb.com Internet genealogical service .
  • Portraits, biography, poetry, and obituary of Edward Thomas Broughton, Jr.. Date of death 2/11/1874. RootsWeb.com Internet genealogical service .
  • Mentioned in biographical sketch of Edward Thomas Broughton, Sr. RootsWeb.com Internet genealogical service .
  • Confederate States Army, Captain, Company C, 7th Texas Infantry, later Lieutenant Colonel. Biographical sketch, E. Thomas Broughton, p. 42. Born in 1834. Texans Who Wore the Gray 1907.
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