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Ebenezer Lafayette Dohoney

E.L. Dohoney
Full Name: Ebenezer Lafayette "Eben" Dohoney, Sr.
Other surnames: Dahoney
Birth date: October 13, 1832
Death date: March 29, 1919

Terms of Service

  • Senate, 13th (1) (5) & 12th (2) (3) (4) Legislatures
    2/8/1870 - 1/13/1874
(1) Entire Senate went up for reelection due to Senatorial redistricting. Act passed Apr. 24, 1873 [presented to Governor May 1, 1873 and became law without his signature], 13th Legislature, R.S., ch. 35, Apportionment Laws of Texas, 1836-1950 1950.
(2) 12th Legislature, Provisional Session - Request of R. Peterson to lay claims to the Senate seat occupied by E.L. Dohoney of the 11th Senatorial District tabled, 2/14/1870, p. 14. Senate Journal .
(3) 12th Legislature, 1st C.S. - Drawing for Terms of Office, 5/2/1870, pp. 51-52. Drew 4-year term. Senate Journal .
(4) Party affiliation, Democrat. Texas Almanac for . . . and Emigrant's Guide to Texas .
(5) 13th Legislature - Included in list of 15 Senate members that were conservative Democrats, p. 145. The Texas Senate: Volume II, Civil War to the Eve of Reform, 1861-1889 1999.

Biographical Notes and Resources

Resolutions and Journal entries


  • Photograph. Ebenezer Lafayette Dohoney, Constitutional Convention of 1875 Composite Photo. From the collection of the Texas State Library and Archives Commisison.
  • Photograph. E.L. Dohoney, State Preservation Board
  • Photograph. E.L. Dohoney, DeGolyer Library, SMU, Lawrence T. Jones III Texas Photographs

Other Resources

  • Portrait and discussion of anti-secession speeches included in account of vigilantism in the Sulphur Forks watershed counties of East Texas, pp. 35-41. Brush Men and Vigilantes: Civil War Dissent in Texas 2000.
  • Biographical sketch, pp. 127-128. Brush Men and Vigilantes: Civil War Dissent in Texas 2000.
  • Mentioned in "'Blessed with Peace!' War's Bitter Aftermath," pp. 102-136. Brush Men and Vigilantes: Civil War Dissent in Texas 2000.
  • Biography, pp. 28-41. Birth date 10/12/1832. Constitutional Convention, a New Beginning: Two Constitutions, 1875 and 1974 1974.
  • DOHONEY, EBENEZER LAFAYETTE (1832-1919). Handbook of Texas Online .
  • Mentioned in history of Senatorial redistricting for Lamar County, "Backward Glances (from the scrapbooks of the late A.W. Neville, Editor of the Paris News, 1936-1956, 3/14/1951)," republished 8/26/1976, p. 6. Paris News .
  • Confederate States Army, 1st Lieutenant, Company H, 9th Texas Cavalry. Ebenezer Lafayette Dohoney. Texas Burial Sites of Civil War Notables: A Biographical and Pictorial Field Guide 2002.
  • Delegate to Constitutional Convention, 1875. Included in Journal of the Constitutional Convention of the State of Texas: Begun and Held at the City of Austin Texas. Constitutional Convention (1875). Galveston : Printed for the Convention at the "News" Office, 1875, pp. 3-4. Texas Constitutions Digitization Project (Tarlton Law Library, The University of Texas at Austin) 2009.
  • Biographical sketch, Hon. Ebenezer L. Dohoney, pp. 394-396. "Under the reconstruction acts of 1860, Mr. Dohoney was elected to the state senate over a Republican and a Democrat opposed to the terms of reconstruction....He served for four years as a laborious senator, giving satisfaction to his people, and was the author of several important acts, among them one granting a homestead of one hundred and sixty acres to those who would settle on the public domain. He was one of the two Democrats in the senate who voted for the law forbidding the carrying of deadly weapons, commonly called the six-shooter act, which has been of such great benefit to the reputation of the state and the lives of its citizens." The Encyclopedia of the New West 1881.
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