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Joseph Draper Sayers

Joseph Sayers
Full Name: Joseph Draper Sayers
Birth date: September 23, 1841
Death date: May 15, 1929

Terms of Service

  • Senate, 13th (1) (2) (3) Legislature
    1/14/1873 - 1/13/1874
(1) Entire Senate went up for reelection due to Senatorial redistricting. Act passed Apr. 24, 1873 [presented to Governor May 1, 1873 and became law without his signature], 13th Legislature, R.S., ch. 35, Apportionment Laws of Texas, 1836-1950 1950.
(2) 13th Legislature - Senators elect qualified and took their seats, 1/14/1873, p. 1. Senate Journal .
(3) 13th Legislature - Included in list of 15 Senate members that were conservative Democrats, p. 145. The Texas Senate: Volume II, Civil War to the Eve of Reform, 1861-1889 1999.

Biographical Notes and Resources

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Resolutions and Journal entries

  • 60th Legislature, R.S., HCR 58 (engrossed). Last action in Senate: referred to Committee on State Affairs, 3/14/1967 (Senate Journal, p. 440). Resolutions - Memorial .
  • 41st Legislature, 1st C.S., 5/16/1929, pp. 527-528. Resolutions - Memorial .
  • 41st Legislature, 1st C.S., SCR 10, 5/16/1929, pp. 355-356. Resolution also printed in House Journal, 41st 1st C.S., 5/16/1929, p. 527. Resolutions - Memorial .
  • "Governor Sayers and his wife are now buried together in Bastrop, Texas, the place from which he left school in 1861 to enlist in the Fifth Regiment of Texas Mounted Volunteers of the Confederate Army. Major Sayers fought in several fierce engagements from Val Verde, New Mexico to Mansfield, Louisiana, and acquitted himself with valour and heroism. He suffered several severe wounds and finished the war on crutches." 60th Legislature, R.S., HCR 58 (engrossed). Resolutions - Memorial .
  • "Governor Sayers lived a long and useful life, filled with heroic deeds and magnificent achievements. He fought valiantly in the cause of the Confederacy throughout the Civil War, and was among the last, if not the last, survivor of Tom Green's Brigade. He was wounded at the Battle of Val Verde, again at the Battle of Mansfield, and on both occasions exhibited that rare courage and fortitude which only a soldier of the highest type can." 41st Legislature, 1st C.S., SCR 10, 5/16/1929, pp. 355-356. Resolutions - Memorial .


  • Photograph. Joseph Sayers, Presiding Officers of the Texas Legislature, 1846-2006
  • Photograph. Joseph Sayers, DeGolyer Library, SMU, Lawrence T. Jones III Texas Photographs
  • Photograph. Joseph Sayers, State Preservation Board

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