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William C. Batte

Full Name: William C. Batte
Death date: Deceased, date unknown

Terms of Service

  • Senate, 9th (1) (2) (3) Legislature
    11/4/1861 - 11/2/1863
(1) 9th Legislature, Regular Session - Roll of Senators, oath of office administered, 11/4/1861, p. 1. Senate Journal .
(2) 9th Legislature, Regular Session - Classification of Senators. Batte not mentioned among senators drawing for terms; presumably he drew a short term because the Journal only lists fifteen names as having done so, though sixteen ballots "on which was written 'short term'" were prepared, 11/12/1861, p. 42. Senate Journal .
(3) One of eight Senators in 9th Legislature that only served one term in the Senate, p. 12. The Texas Senate: Volume II, Civil War to the Eve of Reform, 1861-1889 1999.

Biographical Notes and Resources

Resolutions and Journal entries

  • Member roster, 9th Legislature, Regular Session: name, district, resident county, post office, state of nativity, occupation, and age. Senate Journal .

Committee Information

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