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Frank Tejeda

Frank M. Tejeda
Full Name: Frank Mariano Tejeda, Jr.
Birth date: October 2, 1945
Death date: January 30, 1997

Terms of Service

  • Senate, 72nd (1) Legislature
    1/8/1991 - 1/12/1993
  • Senate, 71st & 70th Legislatures
    1/13/1987 - 1/10/1991
  • House, 69th Legislature
    1/8/1985 - 1/13/1987
  • House, 68th Legislature
    1/11/1983 - 1/8/1985
  • House, 67th Legislature
    1/13/1981 - 1/11/1983
  • House, 66th Legislature
    1/9/1979 - 1/13/1981
  • House, 65th Legislature
    1/11/1977 - 1/9/1979
(1) 2-year term; entire Senate went up for reelection in 1992 due to redistricting. Texas Constitution Art. III, ยง3, Election and term of office of Senators .

Biographical Notes and Resources

Selected Newspaper articles

Resolutions and Journal entries

  • 69th Legislature, 3rd C.S., HR 110. Resolutions - Congratulatory and Honorary .
  • 70th Legislature, R.S., HCR 122. Resolutions - Congratulatory and Honorary .
  • 68th Legislature, R.S., HR 568. Resolutions - Congratulatory and Honorary .
  • 72nd Legislature, 4th C.S., SR 10. Resolutions - Congratulatory and Honorary .
  • 75th Legislature, R.S., HR 288. Resolutions - Memorial .
  • 75th Legislature, R.S., SCR 12. Death date 1/30/1997. Resolutions - Memorial .
  • United States Marine Corps. "WHEREAS, Frank Tejeda began his life of public service by joining the United States Marine Corps, serving honorably and with distinction, earning the Bronze Star, with "V" for valor, and earning the Purple Heart as a result of wounds suffered in Vietnam; his gallant action in the face of enemy fire while attempting to save the life of a wounded fellow marine earned him the Silver Star; and WHEREAS, Frank Tejeda distinguished himself by earning an overall score of 99.06 at the United States Marine Reserve Officer Candidate School and earning the coveted Commandant's Trophy for the record score that stands to this date." 75th Legislature, R.S., HR 288. Resolutions - Memorial .
  • United States Marine Corps. "WHEREAS, At the age of 17, this patriotic Texan joined the United States Marine Corps and gained rank quickly, first becoming the youngest Marine corporal in the corps and later the youngest staff sergeant; while serving in Vietnam in 1965, he led his squad across 75 yards of open space in an attack against a Viet Cong sniper station outside of Da Nang in an action that would earn him a bronze star; and WHEREAS, Wounded in action the following year, Congressman Tejeda returned to the states and resumed his education, but his commitment to the Marines continued through his service in its reserve corps; he would later attend the Marine Reserve Officers Candidate School at Camp Quantico, and while pursuing his studies there, he broke all records, receiving a near perfect 98.08 combined evaluation score for academics, physical skills, and leadership." 75th Legislature, R.S., SCR 12. Resolutions - Memorial .


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