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Robert Christian Eckhardt

Bob Eckhardt
Full Name: Robert Christian "Bob" Eckhardt
Birth date: July 16, 1913
Death date: November 13, 2001

Terms of Service

  • House, 59th Legislature
    1/12/1965 - 1/10/1967
  • House, 58th (1) Legislature
    1/8/1963 - 1/12/1965
  • House, 57th Legislature
    1/10/1961 - 1/8/1963
  • House, 56th Legislature
    1/13/1959 - 1/10/1961
(1) Sworn 11/16/1962. Oaths of Office .

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Other Resources

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  • ECKHARDT, Robert Christian (1913-2001). Representative, TX. Biographical Directory of the U.S. Congress .
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  • Wurzbach family group sheet. Relatives: Charles Louis Wurzbach - father; William A. Wurzbach - son. Relatives: William A. Wurzbach - uncle; Robert [Christian] Eckhardt - nephew. Descendants of Johann Jonathan Wurzbach 2007.
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  • Relatives: Rudolph Kleberg - granduncle; Robert Christian "Bob" Eckhardt - grandnephew. Political Graveyard: a Database of Historic Cemeteries .
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