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18th 1st Called Session
January 8, 1884 - February 6, 1884


Governor: John Ireland
Lieutenant Governor: Francis Marion Martin
Speaker(s) of the House: Charles Reese Gibson 

Special Session Topics

  • The re-enactment of the bill amending the attachment law, passed at last regular session, but which never reached the Executive. [Tue Jan 8, 1884]
  • To adjust the free school law to the requirements of the amended Constitution. [Tue Jan 8, 1884]
  • To amend the law organizing the judicial districts of the State. [Tue Jan 8, 1884]
  • To amend the law passed at the regular session of the Eighteenth Legislature, approved April 12, 1883, entitled "An act to provide for the classification, sale and lease of the lands heretofore or hereafter surveyed and set apart for the benefit of the Common School, University, Lunatic, Blind, Deaf and Dumb, and Orphan Asylum funds. [Tue Jan 8, 1884]
  • To authorize counties to issue bonds for the purpose of funding their indebtedness, created for other purposes than for the erection of court houses; and to allow the Board of Education to transfer State and Federal bonds to the University fund. [Tue Jan 8, 1884]
  • To consider and provide a remedy for wanton destruction of fences. [Tue Jan 8, 1884]
  • To determine whether or not the common school funds shall be invested in any other securities than those named in the Constitution; and, if so, to provide therefor [sic]. [Tue Jan 8, 1884]
  • To determine whether or not the State shall be represented at the exposition to be held in New Orleans in 1885; and, if so, to provide therefor [sic]. [Tue Jan 8, 1884]
  • To effect necessary legislation so as to protect the interests of the State, and provide an equitable rule, in the resale of lands purchased by the State at tax sales, between the original and the State. [Tue Jan 8, 1884]
  • To make appropriations to meet deficiencies in appropriations heretofore made for Texas veterans, and the contingent expenses, the per diem pay and mileage of the Eighteenth Legislature. [Tue Jan 8, 1884]
  • To provide a more efficient system of highways, and to amend the law providing a penalty for enclosing school lands. [Tue Jan 8, 1884]
  • To provide for the levy and collection of a tax to maintain a system of free schools. [Tue Jan 8, 1884]
  • To provide some mode by which the agents of the State at the Capital [sic] can take care of and protect the property of the State. [Tue Jan 8, 1884]
  • To reduce taxation for general revenue purposes. [Tue Jan 8, 1884]

Bill statistics for the 18th Legislature, 1st Called Session

Filed 101 5 1 48 77 6 3 22 178 263
Passed 19 1 1 36 16 1 2 16 35 92
Vetoed 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

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