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28th 1st Called Session
April 2, 1903 - May 1, 1903


Governor: S.W.T. Lanham
Lieutenant Governor: George D. Neal
Speaker(s) of the House: Pat Morris Neff 

Special Session Topics

  • Make appropriations for the support of the State government and for the public service for the fiscal years beginning September 1, 1903, and ending August 31, 1905. [Wed Apr 1, 1903]
  • Make provision for furnishing an adequate supply of water and light for the various State institutions and public buildings located at the capital [sic]. [Wed Apr 1, 1903]
  • Make provision for refunding or paying off the state bonds which will mature before the first day of January, 1905. [Wed Apr 1, 1903]
  • Make provision for resurveying and establishing the boundaries between the State of Texas and the Territories of New Mexico and of Oklahoma. [Wed Apr 1, 1903]
  • Make an appropriation of $4,750 for the repair of the Orphans' Home at Corsicana. [Mon Apr 13, 1903]
  • Authorize counties to issue bonds for the purpose of improving and maintaining therein the public roads. [Tue Apr 14, 1903]
  • Provide a method of making application for the purchase of the state school and asylum lands, and regulating the manner of filing on the same. [Tue Apr 14, 1903]
  • Provide for uniform text books in the public free schools in the State. [Tue Apr 14, 1903]
  • Provide for special road laws for counties. [Wed Apr 15, 1903]
  • Authorize the city of Austin to enter into certain contracts, and to sell, transfer or lease certain of its property, property rights and franchises, in order to secure a more economical and satisfactory water, light and power system for the use of the people of said city. [Mon Apr 20, 1903]
  • Provide a method of securing for the State the right-of-way across lands and of condemning the same for public purposes. [Mon Apr 20, 1903]
  • The matter of deficiency for the maintenance of the Confederate Home and the clothing of inmates. [Wed Apr 22, 1903]
  • Authorize heads of departments and others having possession of State property to loan to the Texas World's Fair Commission...for Louisiana Purchase Exposition exhibit [Mon Apr 27, 1903]
  • Define abuses in the operation of trains for the transportation of passengers and property, and to make the same cognizable by the Railroad Commission of Texas… [Mon Apr 27, 1903]
  • Provide that non-payment of poll tax shall not disqualify persons otherwise competent for jury service. [Mon Apr 27, 1903]

Bill statistics for the 28th Legislature, 1st Called Session

Filed 21 12 4 64 14 5 1 20 35 141
Passed 11 6 1 56 9 1 0 18 20 102
Vetoed 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1

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