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33rd 2nd Called Session
August 24, 1914 - September 22, 1914


Governor: Oscar Branch Colquitt
Lieutenant Governor: information not available.
Speaker(s) of the House: Chester H. Terrell 

Special Session Topics

  • Providing for a system of public warehouses, and for the enactment of an adequate law providing for a system of bonded warehouses in which the agricultural products of this State may be stored and safely kept under public guarantees, or under bond. [Sat Aug 15, 1914]
  • To consider and act upon such other matters as may be presented by the Governor, pursuant of Section 40, Article 3, of the Constitution of Texas. [Sat Aug 15, 1914]
  • Prohibiting the operation of a corporation for the dual purpose of owning, controlling, or operating a cotton seed oil mill, and of owning, controlling or operating a public cotton gin; also prohibiting a corporation chartered for the purpose of operating a cotton seed oil mill, from owning, controlling, or operating, directly or indirectly, a public cotton gin in this State… [Tue Sep 1, 1914]
  • Further regulating banks and bank and trust companies incorporated under the laws of Texas… [Thu Sep 10, 1914]
  • Amending Chapter 1 of Title 14 of the Revised Penal Code of 1911 of the State of Texas, by adding thereto Articles 924a, 924b, and 924c; further defining the offenses of forgery, passing and attempting to pass as true and having in possession with the intent to pass as true forged instruments… [Sat Sep 12, 1914]
  • Prohibiting any person, firm or association of persons, operating a cotton seed oil mill in this State, or any member, agent or employee of either from owning, operating or holding any character of interest in a public cotton gin in this State… [Sat Sep 12, 1914]
  • Providing for the incorporation and organization of "The Bank of Texas" for the purpose of providing a fiscal agency for the State, its counties, municipal corporations and all districts heretofore or hereafter created… [Tue Sep 15, 1914]
  • Amending Article 5477 of the Revised Civil Statutes of the State of Texas relating to the landlord's lien, so as to provide that such lien as to agricultural products when stored in bonded and public warehouses, regulated and controlled by the laws of the State of Texas, shall continue so long as such products remain in such warehouses. [Thu Sep 17, 1914]

Bill statistics for the 33rd Legislature, 2nd Called Session

Filed 18 9 0 47 15 8 0 27 33 124
Passed 5 5 0 44 2 3 0 23 7 82
Vetoed 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 1

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