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43rd 4th Called Session
October 12, 1934 - November 10, 1934


Governor: Miriam Ferguson
Lieutenant Governor: Edgar E. Witt
Speaker(s) of the House: Coke Robert Stevenson 

Special Session Topics

  • Authority for completion of what is known as the Buchanan Dam or dams on the Colorado River as now proposed, and necessary funds therefor. [Fri Oct 12, 1934]
  • Authority for the Brazos River project for construction of dams to impound and conserve the waters thereof and the reclamation of overflowed lands on said Brazos River and its tributaries, and necessary funds therefor. [Fri Oct 12, 1934]
  • For additional and necessary relief for indigent and unemployed people of Texas as is now required. [Fri Oct 12, 1934]
  • Remission of penalty and interest on delinquent taxes. [Fri Oct 12, 1934]
  • The Texas Centennial and the provision of adequate funds therefor. [Fri Oct 12, 1934]
  • To consider and act on such other subjects and questions as I as Governor may from time to time during said Called Session submit by message or otherwise to the Legislature. [Fri Oct 12, 1934]
  • In addition to consideration of the Texas Centennial and the provision for adequate funds therefore...taxation in any way or matter to you seeming necessary or proper to raise and provide necessary funds for the holding of the Texas Centennial. [Wed Oct 17, 1934]
  • Define, license, tax, regulate and control recreation establishments, fixing the penalties for violation of said Acts, and declaring an emergency. [Mon Oct 22, 1934]
  • Authorizing the Secretary of the Board of Legal Examiners with the approval of the Supreme Court to appoint an assistant to serve during the months of February and March, June and July, October and November, prescribing a salary for same, authorizing payment of said assistant out of the fees of the office of the Clerk of the Supreme Court; repealing all laws in conflict herewith, and declaring an emergency. [Mon Oct 29, 1934]

Bill statistics for the 43rd Legislature, 4th Called Session

Filed 78 13 0 40 21 11 0 29 99 192
Passed 25 8 0 32 7 3 0 28 32 103
Vetoed 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

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