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55th 2nd Called Session
November 13, 1957 - December 3, 1957


Governor: Price Daniel, Sr.
Lieutenant Governor: Ben Ramsey
Speaker(s) of the House: Waggoner Carr 

Special Session Topics

  • Provide for the maintenance of law, peace, and order in the operation of the public schools without the use of military forces; authorizing the school board having jurisdiction to close any school at which it finds that peace and order cannot be maintained without resort to military force or occupation, or at which federal troops are stationed for direction or control of the order, operation, or attendance at such school; providing that State aid, school accreditation, and payment of salaries to school officials, teachers, and employees shall not be affected thereby, providing that transfer of pupils may be made by the local board, and that the school shall be reopened at the earliest possible time that peace and order can be maintained without the use or occupation of military forces; and authorizing the Attorney General to assist any public school board requesting such assistance, in the defense of any legal action in a federal court challenging the constitutionality of a statute of this State and authorizing the transfer of certain funds for such purpose [Mon Nov 11, 1957]
  • Further providing for the maintenance of law, peace and order in the operation of the public schools without resort to military occupation and control. In this connection, there are four vital objectives for the well being of our State and our people: 1. The protection and continuance of our public school system; 2. The preservation of good relations among all of our citizens; 3. The maintenance of law, peace and order; 4. The preservation of the rights and responsibilities of our State and local governments [Wed Nov 13, 1957]
  • Governor suggests Legislature adopt a concurrent resolution addressed to the President of the United States regarding submerged land boundary dispute currently before the Supreme Court (see Governor's address of 11/20/57) [Wed Nov 20, 1957]

Bill statistics for the 55th Legislature, 2nd Called Session

Filed 39 25 0 108 29 16 0 56 68 273
Passed 13 16 0 100 19 7 0 53 32 208
Vetoed 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1

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