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62nd 1st Called Session
June 1, 1971 - June 4, 1971


Governor: Preston Smith
Lieutenant Governor: Ben F. Barnes
Speaker(s) of the House: Gus F. Mutscher  Rayford Price 

Special Session Topics

  • Apportion the State of Texas into Congressional Districts in accordance with the 1970 United States decennial census [Mon May 31, 1971]
  • Regulation, importation, sales and service of various alcoholic beverages, the administration and enforcement of the Texas Liquor Control Act and the enforcement of regulations promulgated by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, providing for the adjustment of taxes on alcoholic beverages, and fees for licenses and permits [Tue Jun 1, 1971]
  • Alternate method of financing and operating the state party primaries [Thu Jun 3, 1971]
  • Enact legislation to cover only the following errors in language, statutory references, calculations and unintentional omissions in SB 11, 62nd Legislature, Regular Session, as follows: [see extensive list in Governor's Message for specific changes requested] [Thu Jun 3, 1971]
  • Governmental financing and operation of the state party primaries as an alternative to the present assessment system [Thu Jun 3, 1971]
  • Appointment of commissioners for the Court of Criminal Appeals, reenacting certain portions of Articles 1811a, 1811b, and 1811c of Texas Revised Civil Statutes which were repealed by a portion of SB 529, Acts of the 62nd Legislature, Regular Session, 1971 [Fri Jun 4, 1971]
  • Appointment, power, and duties of reserve law enforcement officers, which would have the effect of repealing Sections 1, 2, and 4 of SB 72, Acts of the 62nd Legislature, Regular Session, 1971 [Fri Jun 4, 1971]
  • Jurisdiction of cities over the campus of the University of Texas at San Antonio [Fri Jun 4, 1971]
  • Preservation and enhancement of scenic beauty of lands bordering certain public highways; providing for the regulation of advertising and certain junkyards and automobile graveyards bordering such highways by the Texas Highway Commission [Fri Jun 4, 1971]
  • Referendum on the issue of daylight saving time [Fri Jun 4, 1971]

Bill statistics for the 62nd Legislature, 1st Called Session

Filed 15 6 0 58 17 7 0 35 32 138
Passed 7 5 0 49 10 6 0 35 17 112
Vetoed 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 1

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