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72nd 2nd Called Session
August 19, 1991 - August 25, 1991


Governor: Ann W. Richards
Lieutenant Governor: Bob Bullock
Speaker(s) of the House: Gib Lewis 

Special Session Topics

  • Reapportionment of the districts of the members of the House of Representatives of the United States Congress [Wed Aug 14, 1991]
  • Reapportionment of the districts of the members of the State Board of Education [Wed Aug 14, 1991]
  • Amended or supplemental designation of premises located on or adjacent to an area described in Section 251.74(b)(1) of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code on which alcoholic beverages may be sold, and the validity of local zoning regulations which affect a permittee's right to sell alcoholic beverages in municipalities [Mon Aug 19, 1991]
  • Continuation of and the modification of the duties and operation of the State Purchasing and General Services Commission and the Department of Information Resources [Mon Aug 19, 1991]
  • Issuance of general obligation bonds for criminal justice facilities, for an appropriation to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, and for procedures for alleviating inmate overcrowding in state criminal justice facilities and county jails [Mon Aug 19, 1991]
  • Reorganization of the Department of Commerce and the administration, operation, and continuation of various economic development programs, including providing for bonds and tax incentives for the possible location of a significant new aircraft manufacturing facility in Texas [Mon Aug 19, 1991]
  • Revocation of drivers' licenses through an administrative process [Mon Aug 19, 1991]
  • Creation, dissolution, powers, duties, procedures, and operation of agencies of state government responsible for the acquisition, maintenance, and regulation of the use and acquisition of property and services, including personnel, for the operation of state government [Tue Aug 20, 1991]
  • Appropriation and use of the proceeds of state general obligation bonds that have previously been approved by the voters to the Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation and the Texas Youth Commission and the issuance of these bonds by the Texas Public Finance Authority [Thu Aug 22, 1991]
  • Issuance of general obligation bonds by the Higher Education Coordinating Board and the use of the proceeds of those bonds. [Thu Aug 22, 1991]
  • Merger of the staff, functions, property, and appropriations of the State Property Tax Board into the Comptroller's Office [Thu Aug 22, 1991]
  • Regulation and conduct of the business of insurance, the State Board of Insurance, and any successor agency [Thu Aug 22, 1991]
  • Temporary prohibition of the drilling of certain artesian water wells [Thu Aug 22, 1991]

Bill statistics for the 72nd Legislature, 2nd Called Session

Introduced 120 11 11 71 64 16 8 110 184 411
Passed 5 6 0 67 6 9 1 107 11 201
Vetoed 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

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