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25th 1st Called Session

May 22, 1897 - June 20, 1897


Governor: Charles A. Culberson -  Vetoes

Lieutenant Governor: George Taylor Jester

Speaker of the House: L. Travis Dashiell 

Special Session Topics

 Proclamations   Messages

  • Amend the present law on the subject of fellow-servants or abrogate the doctrine of fellow-servants in this State. [Fri May 21, 1897]
  • Fix and regulate the fees and compensation of district attorneys and all county and precinct officers. [Fri May 21, 1897]
  • Make appropriations for deficiencies. [Fri May 21, 1897]
  • Make appropriations for the support of the State government for the two years beginning March 1, 1897, and for other purposes as is usual in general appropriation bills, and to reduce expenses. [Fri May 21, 1897]
  • Make appropriation for the relief of El Paso and the immediate vicinity which was struck by a sudden and unprecedented flood. [Mon May 31, 1897]
  • A bill addressing the speedy punishment for rape, thus removing any cause for mobs; legal denunciation of the participants in mobs as murderers; removal from office of any officer who, under any circumstances, permits a prisoner to be executed by a mob. [Mon Jun 14, 1897]
  • A general occupation tax law. [Mon Jun 14, 1897]
  • Amend article 1331 of the Revised Statutes, as specially recommended and urged by the Supreme Court, so as to provide a simple and expeditious method for the decision of controverted questions of fact by special verdicts of juries. [Mon Jun 14, 1897]
  • Amend article 3051, Revised Statutes, so that the Commissioner of Insurance shall have full and needful authority to make examination of the books and business of insurance companies. [Mon Jun 14, 1897]
  • Amend the law with reference to the expenditure of the available school fund, so that this fund may be economically and properly distributed for strictly school purposes, and regulate the taking of the scholastic census in order that existing fraudulent methods may be corrected… [Mon Jun 14, 1897]
  • Measures to encourage the establishment of factories. [Mon Jun 14, 1897]
  • Require the payment of all county taxes in current money, except such as may be paid in coupons and other indebtedness under section 6, article XI, of the Constitution. [Mon Jun 14, 1897]
  • The railway gate system now in operation on some of the railroads of the State. [Mon Jun 14, 1897]
  • To fix the time of holding court in the Thirty-eighth judicial district, so as to avoid the hiatus created by laws passed at the regular session. [Mon Jun 14, 1897]


The House Journal and Senate Journal for the 25th 1st Called Session are available from the Legislative Reference Library.

  Rules (25th R.S.)
  Rules (25th R.S.)
  Rules (25th R.S.)
House Rules (25th R.S.)
Joint Rules (25th R.S.)

Bill statistics for the 25th Legislature, 1st Called Session

Filed 35 6 2 39 24 1 1 21 59 129
Passed 9 1 0 26 11 0 0 17 20 64
Vetoed 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0