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27th 1st Called Session

August 6, 1901 - September 4, 1901


Governor: Joseph D. Sayers -  Vetoes

Lieutenant Governor: James Nathan Browning

Speaker of the House: Robert Emmett Prince 

Special Session Topics

 Proclamations   Messages

  • Apportion the State for congressional, senatorial, representative and judicial purposes. [Fri Jun 21, 1901]
  • Make appropriations for the support of the State government and for the public service for the fiscal years beginning September 1, 1901, and ending August 31, 1903. [Fri Jun 21, 1901]
  • Amend Chapter 113, approved April 18, 1901, General Laws. [Tue Aug 20, 1901]
  • Amend Chapter 18, approved March 17, 1901, of the General Laws. [Tue Aug 20, 1901]
  • Amend the charter of the city of Austin. [Tue Aug 20, 1901]
  • Amend the law relating to minerals. [Tue Aug 20, 1901]
  • Enable the counties, cities and towns bordering on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico to levy and collect a tax for the construction of sea-walls and breakwater and for the sanitary purposes, and to create a debt for such works, and to issue bonds therefore. [Tue Aug 20, 1901]
  • For the better care, protection and maintenance of the blind children of the State. [Tue Aug 20, 1901]
  • For the preservation of health in unincorporated towns and villages. [Tue Aug 20, 1901]
  • Provide for taxation upon the output of oil wells. [Tue Aug 20, 1901]
  • Provide for the proper care and maintenance of children who are deaf, dumb and blind. [Tue Aug 20, 1901]
  • The redemption of lands and city and town lots sold to the State for taxes. [Tue Aug 20, 1901]
  • The settlement of titles to lands held adversely to the State under claims which originate from the Spanish and Mexican governments. [Tue Aug 20, 1901]
  • To enable such counties, cities and towns as have suffered through destruction of property and depreciation of values because of storms, floods or other great disasters to compromise, refund or pay off their bonded and floating indebtedness. [Tue Aug 20, 1901]
  • To grant to the Attorney General authority to withdraw from the office of Comptroller of Public Accounts such original vouchers, papers and accounts as may be necessary to enable him to properly present the claims of the State of Texas against the United States government on account of expenses incurred by the State in behalf of Greer county. [Tue Aug 20, 1901]
  • To provide a better road law for the county of Cass. [Tue Aug 20, 1901]
  • To re-enact Senate bill No. 206, entitled "An Act to amend Section 4, of Chapter 5, of the Acts of the Special Session of the Twenty-fifth Legislature of the State of Texas, approved June 16, 1897, relating to the fees of sheriffs and constables; providing the amount of such fees and for the payment of sheriffs' and constables' costs," which bill was received in the executive office on April 9, 1901, without the signature of the Speaker of the House of Representatives. [Tue Aug 20, 1901]
  • Validate the incorporation of the town of Childress, Childress county, for school purposes only. [Tue Aug 20, 1901]
  • Insure and expedite the recovery of the moneys belonging to the State and in the custody of the First National Bank of Austin, Texas. [Fri Aug 23, 1901]
  • Amend Article 386c, Title XVIII, Chapter 1, Revised Statutes. [Mon Aug 26, 1901]
  • Amend Articles 402 and 406, Chapter 6, Title XI, Penal Code. [Mon Aug 26, 1901]
  • Amend Section 3, Chapter 75, General Laws, Twenty-seventh Legislature. [Mon Aug 26, 1901]
  • Authorize the Superintendent of Public Buildings and Grounds to lease that part of the Old Court House Block, formerly occupied by the Austin Dam and Suburban Railroad Company. [Mon Aug 26, 1901]
  • Increase the amount of the bond of the State Treasurer. [Mon Aug 26, 1901]
  • Remove the temple of the Grand Lodge of the Masons of Texas from Houston to some more central point in the State. [Mon Aug 26, 1901]
  • Validate the incorporation of the town of Athens, Henderson county. [Mon Aug 26, 1901]
  • Validate the incorporation of the town of Moody, McLennan county. [Mon Aug 26, 1901]


The House Journal and Senate Journal for the 27th 1st Called Session are available from the Legislative Reference Library.

House Rules (27th R.S.)
Joint Rules (27th R.S.)
Senate Rules (27th R.S.)

Bill statistics for the 27th Legislature, 1st Called Session

Filed 39 7 1 43 24 5 0 25 63 144
Passed 13 4 1 35 13 4 0 21 26 91
Vetoed 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0