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31st 2nd Called Session

April 12, 1909 - May 11, 1909


Governor: Thomas Mitchell Campbell -  Vetoes

Lieutenant Governor: Asbury Bascom Davidson

Speaker of the House: Austin Milton Kennedy  John Wesley Marshall 

Special Session Topics

 Proclamations   Messages

  • Enact laws providing for the prompt establishment of an effective system for the guaranty for the deposits of the State banks of Texas, and to provide for all necessary supervision, examination and control of all banking corporations and banks doing business in this State, except national banks. [Sun Apr 11, 1909]
  • Make appropriations for the support of the State government and State institutions for the two years beginning Sept. 1, 1909, and for other purposes usually covered by appropriation bills, and to observe proper economy in making such appropriations. [Sun Apr 11, 1909]
  • To consider and act upon such other matters as may hereafter be presented, pursuant to Sec. 4, Article 3 of the Constitution of the State of Texas. [Sun Apr 11, 1909]
  • To make appropriations for the payment of deficiencies. [Sun Apr 11, 1909]
  • Amending the city charter of the city of Texarkana. [Thu Apr 15, 1909]
  • An appropriate law creating a commission, to be known as the Tuberculosis Commission… [Thu Apr 15, 1909]
  • Appropriate legislation incorporating or permitting the city of Amarillo to incorporate under a special charter. [Thu Apr 15, 1909]
  • Effective legislation for the reimbursement of the permanent county school fund of counties in which the same has been impaired or wasted, and for the complete rehabilitation, protection and preservation of such county permanent school fund. [Thu Apr 15, 1909]
  • Legislation amending Section 61 of an act passed by the Twenty-ninth Legislature of the State of Texas, entitled an act to incorporate the city of Cleburne, in Johnson county, Texas, and to fix the boundaries thereof, and to provide for its government and the management of its affairs, the same being Chapter 47 of the Special laws of Texas of 1905… [Thu Apr 15, 1909]
  • Legislation amending Sections 122, 123 and 124 of Chapter 124 of the Acts of the Regular Session of the Twenty-ninth Legislature, relating to teachers' certificates. [Thu Apr 15, 1909]
  • Legislation amending Subdivision 6, Section 8, Article 2, Chapter 71 of the local and special laws of Texas, enacted by the Regular Session of the Thirtieth Legislature, entitled an act to grant a new charter to the city of Dallas, Dallas county, Texas, so as to provide that in the event any street railway in said city of Dallas, Dallas county, Texas, shall hereafter build new lines or street railways or extend its lines or railways therein, said subdivision shall not be construed to require the payment of the gross receipt tax… [Thu Apr 15, 1909]
  • Legislation amending Subdivision 61 of Article 642 of the Revised Civil Statutes, authorizing the formation of corporations for the construction and operation of interurban electric, gas and gasoline, denatured alcohol and naphtha motor railways; giving such railways the power of eminent domain and providing for regulation thereof. [Thu Apr 15, 1909]
  • Legislation amending the laws respecting appeals of defendants under conviction for felonies and the condition of such appeal bonds; and amending the procedure in civil cases in reference to the pleadings, instructions to the juries and appeals; and amending the Penal Code and Code of Criminal Procedure in reference to trials, motion for new trials and appeals. [Thu Apr 15, 1909]
  • Legislation creating the Irving Independent School District in Dallas county; the Stamford Independent School District in Jones county; the Myra Independent School District in Cooke county; amendments of the law creating the Amarillo Independent School District in Potter county…. [Thu Apr 15, 1909]
  • Legislation creating the Lubbock Independent School District in Lubbock county… [Thu Apr 15, 1909]
  • Legislation for the enforcement of the game laws of the State for the protection of game, and providing licenses and suitable fees therefore. [Thu Apr 15, 1909]
  • Legislation pertaining to the election, qualification, bond and duties of the State Treasurer, Comptroller of Public Accounts, Commissioner of the General Land Office, and the employees of said departments… [Thu Apr 15, 1909]
  • Legislation providing for refunding a portion of the public debt, and the retirement of certain bonds of the State of Texas, maturing on the first day of July, 1909, and those maturing on September 1, 1910; and providing for the execution of new bonds in lieu thereof, and such further legislation with respect to this subject may be appropriate and necessary. [Thu Apr 15, 1909]
  • Legislation providing for the completion and extension by the Board of Penitentiary Commissioners of the railroad now owned by the State of Texas extending from the Rusk penitentiary… [Thu Apr 15, 1909]
  • Legislation providing the necessary funds by appropriation from the general revenues of the State to be used in the operation of the iron industry at the State penitentiary at Rusk, Texas. [Thu Apr 15, 1909]
  • Legislation requiring railroad companies to provide appropriate and suitable passenger and freight depot buildings at their several stations and requiring them to keep passenger depots lighted and warmed for the comfort and accommodation of the traveling public and giving the Railroad Commission power to require compliance with such laws as may be enacted. [Thu Apr 15, 1909]
  • Legislation that may be needed changing and readjusting the terms of the district courts of the State to facilitate the trial of cases and a more expeditious enforcement of the law. [Thu Apr 15, 1909]
  • Legislation to regulate the granting by the State of charters to corporations and permits to corporations to do business in this State. [Thu Apr 15, 1909]
  • Legislation transferring the balances now to the credit of the pure food fund, quarantine fee fund, and the Tyler city subsidy bond act, into the general revenues of the State. [Thu Apr 15, 1909]
  • Such legislation as may be deemed necessary or proper for the examination, regulation, control and supervision of guaranty and surety companies doing business in this State… [Thu Apr 15, 1909]
  • To enact laws upon the subject of constructing, maintaining and operating of electric interurban and urban railways; giving such railways the power of eminent domain, and providing for the regulation thereof. [Thu Apr 15, 1909]
  • Legislation amending the city charter of the city of Greenville, Texas, and the acts amendatory of the said city charter. [Tue Apr 20, 1909]
  • Legislation prohibiting officers and directors of life insurance companies transacting business in this State from receiving or contracting to receive any commission or other compensation contingent upon the writing of business or the assumption of risks by such companies… [Tue Apr 20, 1909]
  • Legislation amending the law relating to the establishment of a criminal district court for the criminal district composed of Galveston and Harris counties… [Tue Apr 27, 1909]
  • Legislation creating a more efficient road system for Wood county… [Tue Apr 27, 1909]
  • Legislation creating the independent school district of Alexander, in Erath county, Texas… [Tue Apr 27, 1909]
  • Legislation amending Section 2 of House bill No. 68, passed at the Regular Session of the Thirty-first Legislature, relating to occupation tax on all retail dealers in non-intoxicating malt liquors, etc…. [Thu Apr 29, 1909]
  • Legislation establishing additional county courts for civil and criminal business, or with criminal jurisdiction alone… [Thu Apr 29, 1909]
  • Legislation authorizing incorporated towns, cities and villages in the State of Texas to construct permanent street improvements… [Fri Apr 30, 1909]
  • Legislation creating the North Zulch Independent School District in Madison county, Texas, and such legislation with respect thereto as may be deemed necessary. [Fri Apr 30, 1909]
  • Legislation extending the time for the redemption of land sold for taxes. [Fri Apr 30, 1909]
  • Legislation amending Section 114 and Section 120, of Chapter 11 of the Acts of the First Called Session of the Twenty-ninth Legislature as amended by Chapter 177 of the Acts of the Thirtieth Legislature, relating to the manner of holding elections… [Thu May 6, 1909]
  • Legislation creating an independent school district for free school purposes only in the county of Tarrant, to be known as the Mansfield Independent School District… [Thu May 6, 1909]


The House Journal and Senate Journal for the 31st 2nd Called Session are available from the Legislative Reference Library.

House Rules (31st R.S.)
Joint Rules (31st R.S.)
Senate Rules (31st R.S.)

Bill statistics for the 31st Legislature, 2nd Called Session

Filed 83 5 0 58 44 1 0 23 127 214
Passed 25 1 0 42 22 0 0 23 47 113
Vetoed 2 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 3 3