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31st 4th Called Session

August 18, 1910 - September 10, 1910


Governor: Thomas Mitchell Campbell -  Vetoes

Lieutenant Governor: Asbury Bascom Davidson

Speaker of the House: Austin Milton Kennedy  John Wesley Marshall 

Special Session Topics

 Proclamations   Messages

  • Enact a law repealing the law enacted by the Thirty-first Legislature at its First Called Session, known as Chapter 18, and entitled "An Act providing conditions upon which fire insurance companies shall transact business in this State, and providing for the regulation and control of rates of premium on fire insurance…" [Wed Aug 17, 1910]
  • Enactment of adequate laws defining "bills of lading" and defining the word "carriers"… [Wed Aug 17, 1910]
  • Legislation amending Articles 4549 and 4950, of Chapter 11, Title 94, of the Revised Statutes of the State of Texas… [Wed Aug 17, 1910]
  • Legislation providing for a Board of Prison Commissioners, Superintendent of Prisons and other officers and employees, and for the care, management, discipline and method of employment of convicts confined in the State penitentiaries… [Wed Aug 17, 1910]
  • Legislation requiring persons, firms, corporations and associations of persons engaged in compressing cotton in this State to so bind and tie all bales of cotton so that no bale of cotton by them compressed, recompressed, baled or rebaled, shall be delivered to any railroad company or other common carrier unless the same is free from "spiders"... [Wed Aug 17, 1910]
  • Legislation requiring the erection and maintenance of buildings for the protection from rain, wind and inclement weather of employees engaged in repairing railroad cars and other railroad equipment… [Wed Aug 17, 1910]
  • Legislation amending an act entitled "An Act to authorize Galveston County to build and own the combination roadway and bridge from mainland to Galveston Island, across Galveston Bay… [Mon Aug 29, 1910]


The House Journal and Senate Journal for the 31st 4th Called Session are available from the Legislative Reference Library.

House Rules (31st R.S.)
Joint Rules (31st R.S.)
Senate Rules (31st R.S.)

Bill statistics for the 31st Legislature, 4th Called Session

Filed 19 8 0 53 12 3 0 27 31 122
Passed 4 2 0 47 7 1 0 24 11 85
Vetoed 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0