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41st 4th Called Session

January 20, 1930 - February 18, 1930


Governor: Daniel J. Moody, Jr. -  Vetoes

Lieutenant Governor: Barry Miller

Speaker of the House: Wingate Stuart Barron 

Special Session Topics

 Proclamations   Messages

  • Consider and act on such other subjects as may, from time to time during the Session, be submitted by message or otherwise. [Mon Jan 20, 1930]
  • Consider the report of said legislative committee appointed to investigate the operation of the Fee System, and the enactment of laws placing proper limits upon the fees of officers, and preventing the collection of unreasonable compensation in the matter pointed out in said report. [Mon Jan 20, 1930]
  • Provide for the reorganization of the Texas Prison System, and the improvement of the Texas Prison System into a modern penal institution. [Mon Jan 20, 1930]
  • Amending Chapter 282 of the General Laws, passed at the Regular Session of the Forty-first Legislature. [Mon Feb 10, 1930]
  • Amending the law providing for the payment of pensions under Section 51 of Article 3 of the Constitution. [Mon Feb 10, 1930]
  • Amendment of Chapter 289, Acts of the Regular Session of the Forty-first Legislature, held invalid by opinion of the Attorney General's Department. [Mon Feb 10, 1930]
  • Measure of reform affecting procedure in civil and criminal cases, making some amendment to the Act creating the Commission of Appeals. [Mon Feb 10, 1930]
  • Prescribing the duties of the Board of Education with respect to the management and handling of the oil, gas and other minerals in and on lands belonging to the permanent school fund. [Mon Feb 10, 1930]
  • Prevent the construction of any large building on the site of the Travis County Courthouse, or at any point adjacent to the State Capitol Building, which can be prevented in the constitutional exercise of the police power of the State. [Mon Feb 10, 1930]
  • Raising funds to meet appropriations. [Mon Feb 10, 1930]
  • Validating the corporate limits of certain cities and towns. [Mon Feb 10, 1930]
  • Validation of outstanding bond issue of counties, road districts and other political subdivisions of the State. [Mon Feb 10, 1930]
  • Amending the election laws. [Mon Feb 17, 1930]


The House Journal and Senate Journal for the 41st 4th Called Session are available from the Legislative Reference Library.

House Rules (41st R.S.)
Joint Rules (41st R.S.)

Bill statistics for the 41st Legislature, 4th Called Session

Filed 103 25 0 52 106 16 0 36 209 338
Passed 43 11 0 39 39 3 0 27 82 162
Vetoed 2 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 4 4