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70th 2nd Called Session

June 22, 1987 - July 21, 1987


Governor: William P. Clements -  Vetoes

Lieutenant Governor: William Pettus Hobby, Jr.

Speaker of the House: Gib Lewis 

Special Session Topics


  • Appropriating money for the support of the Judicial, Executive and Legislative Branches of State Government, for the period beginning September 1, 1987, and ending August 31, 1989, and authorizing and prescribing conditions, limitations, rules and procedures for allocating and expending the appropriated funds [Thu Jun 18, 1987]
  • Consolidation and reporting of State and Federal funds [Thu Jun 18, 1987]
  • Constitutional amendment prohibiting the imposition of a corporate income tax [Thu Jun 18, 1987]
  • Constitutional amendment prohibiting the imposition of a personal income tax [Thu Jun 18, 1987]
  • Creation of a Select Committee on Judicial Reform [Thu Jun 18, 1987]
  • Creation of a Select Committee on State and Local Retirement Systems [Thu Jun 18, 1987]
  • Creation of a Select Committee on State Government Management Effectiveness [Thu Jun 18, 1987]
  • Creation, powers and duties of a State Personnel Office [Thu Jun 18, 1987]
  • Public notice of financial information of political subdivisions [Thu Jun 18, 1987]
  • State budget execution [Thu Jun 18, 1987]
  • Authority of a municipality to contract for jail facilities and the operation of those facilities [Mon Jun 29, 1987]
  • Constitutional amendment relating to liability limits for a health care liability claim [Mon Jun 29, 1987]
  • Construction and financing of correctional facilities [Mon Jun 29, 1987]
  • Creation of offenses involving collection of an unlawful debt or a pattern of conduct involving unlawful acts, and providing for injunctive and other relief and for forfeiture of certain property related to or derived from those offenses [Mon Jun 29, 1987]
  • Creation of the On-site Wastewater Treatment Research Council and fund, and the imposition of certain fees [Mon Jun 29, 1987]
  • Liability limits for a health care liability claim [Mon Jun 29, 1987]
  • Name of the Port of Beaumont Navigation District of Jefferson County [Mon Jun 29, 1987]
  • Offense of aggravated sexual assault [Mon Jun 29, 1987]
  • Repealing Section 6(f), Texas Pawnshop Act, (Article 5069-51.05, Vernon's Texas Civil Statutes), as added by Section 5, H.B. 1230, 70th Legislature, Regular Session, 1987 [Mon Jun 29, 1987]
  • Reporting of waste volumes and the study, selection, acquisition, and operation of disposal sites by the Texas Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Authority [Mon Jun 29, 1987]
  • Scholarship students in biomedical research programs [Mon Jun 29, 1987]
  • Acquisition of property by the Orange County Navigation and Port District and the provision of projects on facilities on that property [Tue Jul 14, 1987]
  • Career ladder for public school teachers [Tue Jul 14, 1987]
  • Constitutional amendment providing that justice precincts may contain more than one justice of the peace court [Tue Jul 14, 1987]
  • Constitutional amendment relating to the establishment of the Texas Growth Fund and the investment of state funds in businesses in the state to promote and encourage economic development in the state [Tue Jul 14, 1987]
  • Creation of a Select Committee on Water Resources Management [Tue Jul 14, 1987]
  • Creation of Special Criminal Courts Nos. 1-4 of Tarrant County [Tue Jul 14, 1987]
  • Issuance of obligations by the state treasurer and investment by the state treasurer of the proceeds of obligations [Tue Jul 14, 1987]
  • Jurisdiction of the Texas Water Commission and the Texas Department of Health over plans and specification for sewage disposal systems [Tue Jul 14, 1987]
  • Local government leases regarding airport matters [Tue Jul 14, 1987]
  • Method of calculating the work week of fire fighters under the Fair Labor Standards Act [Tue Jul 14, 1987]
  • Offense of misuse of information by a public servant [Tue Jul 14, 1987]
  • Preservation of the view of the State Capitol from certain points and prohibition of certain construction [Tue Jul 14, 1987]
  • Regulation of athlete agents, providing civil and criminal penalties [Tue Jul 14, 1987]
  • Regulation of solid waste facilities and injection wells [Tue Jul 14, 1987]
  • Review of certain actions of the State Commission on Judicial Conduct [Tue Jul 14, 1987]
  • Salaries of the judges of the county courts at law in Smith County [Tue Jul 14, 1987]
  • Size of public school classes and the number of students assigned to public school teachers [Tue Jul 14, 1987]
  • State's liability for and defense of public servants and to the limitation of liability of those public servants [Tue Jul 14, 1987]
  • Transaction of business by and the custody and loan of assets of the Employees Retirement System of Texas [Tue Jul 14, 1987]
  • Accountability review and tax rate of metropolitan transportation authorities [Wed Jul 15, 1987]
  • Actions under Title 1 and 2, Family Code, including an action for child support or possession of and access to a child and to the offense of criminal nonsupport [Wed Jul 15, 1987]
  • Adoption of the Revised Uniform Reciprocal Enforcement of Support Act [Wed Jul 15, 1987]
  • Allowing as a condition of probation a contribution to Crime Stoppers [Wed Jul 15, 1987]
  • Amendment to H.J.R. No. 18, 70th Legislature, Regular Session, proposing a constitutional amendment relating to the creation, operation and financing of jail districts [Wed Jul 15, 1987]
  • Application of the Texas Sunset Act to public systems of higher education [Wed Jul 15, 1987]
  • Assessment of damages in eminent domain proceedings [Wed Jul 15, 1987]
  • Authority of the Texas Department of Health to execute federal forms necessary for the receipt of health facilities funding [Wed Jul 15, 1987]
  • Authorization, issuance, examination, approval, registration, and recording of certain bonds and other obligations by public entities [Wed Jul 15, 1987]
  • Confinement of persons who are arrested in a county but are taken before a magistrate in another county [Wed Jul 15, 1987]
  • Creation of an agricultural diversification program [Wed Jul 15, 1987]
  • Creation, duties and powers of the Texas Agricultural Finance Authority, and the development of and issuance of bonds for an agricultural financing program [Wed Jul 15, 1987]
  • Criminal jurisdiction of statutory county courts [Wed Jul 15, 1987]
  • Definition of "intoxication" in workers compensation cases [Wed Jul 15, 1987]
  • Definition of blood banks for the purpose of testing, confidentiality of records, "Operation Look-Back" procedures, and liability [Wed Jul 15, 1987]
  • Definition of commercial motor vehicle [Wed Jul 15, 1987]
  • Division and disposition of marital property and to spousal liability [Wed Jul 15, 1987]
  • Duties and authority of the Harris County District Attorney to represent the state in criminal and civil matters in the district and inferior courts of Harris County [Wed Jul 15, 1987]
  • Duties of cities to pick up employees' contributions to the municipal pension system [Wed Jul 15, 1987]
  • Enforcement and collection of state taxes [Wed Jul 15, 1987]
  • Jurisdiction of county civil courts at law in counties with a population of two million or more [Wed Jul 15, 1987]
  • Legislation such as that sponsored by Senator Barrientos relating to the amount and terms of, and fees payable in connection with, student loans from the Texas Opportunity Plan Fund [Wed Jul 15, 1987]
  • Levy of a maintenance and operation tax for the operation of the ports and harbors of certain cities, and providing for the preparation and adoption of budgets for the ports and harbors of certain cities [Wed Jul 15, 1987]
  • Membership of the State Board of Education [Wed Jul 15, 1987]
  • Payment of supplies, materials, equipment, and services by state agencies [Wed Jul 15, 1987]
  • Payment of wages by employers doing business in the state [Wed Jul 15, 1987]
  • Provision of services to residents of counties that have been declared a disaster area [Wed Jul 15, 1987]
  • Punishment for the offense of driving while intoxicated [Wed Jul 15, 1987]
  • Reductions in premium rates for comprehensive coverage of automobiles protected by anti-theft security systems [Wed Jul 15, 1987]
  • Reports to the Texas State Board of Medical Examiners [Wed Jul 15, 1987]
  • State support for a consortium of semiconductor companies engaged in semiconductor research [Wed Jul 15, 1987]
  • Videotaped testimony of a child who is an alleged victim of an offense involving sexual abuse [Wed Jul 15, 1987]


The House Journal and Senate Journal for the 70th 2nd Called Session are available from the Legislative Reference Library.

House Rules (70th R.S.)
Senate Rules (70th R.S.)

Bill statistics for the 70th Legislature, 2nd Called Session

Filed 181 75 18 232 63 43 8 148 244 768
Passed 48 32 2 223 29 13 3 146 77 496
Vetoed 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 1 2