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71st 1st Called Session

June 20, 1989 - July 19, 1989


Governor: William P. Clements -  Vetoes

Lieutenant Governor: William Pettus Hobby, Jr.

Speaker of the House: Gib Lewis 

Special Session Topics


  • Reform of the worker's compensation system [Tue May 30, 1989]
  • Enrollment of freshman and sophomore students at the University of Texas at Dallas [Thu Jun 22, 1989]
  • Care and treatment of persons with intractable pain by the use of dangerous drugs or controlled substances [Tue Jun 27, 1989]
  • Creation, powers, duties and membership of the Texas Water Resources Coordinating Council [Tue Jun 27, 1989]
  • Merger of the Aeronautics Commission into the Texas State Department of Highways and Public Transportation [Tue Jun 27, 1989]
  • Amendment to Section 19.03 of the Penal Code relating to making the murder of an individual fourteen years of age or younger a capital offense [Wed Jun 28, 1989]
  • Authority of the Animal Health Commission to act to eradicate or control any disease or any agency of transmission for any disease that affects exotic fowl, specifically including ostriches [Wed Jun 28, 1989]
  • Coordinating Board approval of the establishment of Central Texas University and the non-assumption of liabilities and non-use of public funds in connection with establishment of that university [Wed Jun 28, 1989]
  • Appointment of reserve peace officers by certain water districts [Thu Jun 29, 1989]
  • Clarifying the application of Section 28.03(f) of the Penal Code to tangible property [Thu Jun 29, 1989]
  • Confidentiality of the identity of a person who is the victim of certain crimes [Thu Jun 29, 1989]
  • Corrective legislation relating to the allocation of fees to the Texas Department of Health for regulatory and licensing functions of the department pursuant to Acts of the Seventy-first Texas Legislature, Regular Session [Thu Jun 29, 1989]
  • Creation and financing through courts costs of an alternative dispute resolution system in counties with a population of more than 2,400,000 [Thu Jun 29, 1989]
  • Creation of a fish and marine habitat in the area in Cameron County known as Bahia Grande [Thu Jun 29, 1989]
  • Effective date of the imposition of a premium receipts tax on surplus lines insurance [Thu Jun 29, 1989]
  • Effective date of the legislation authorizing the creation of the San Saba County Hospital District [Thu Jun 29, 1989]
  • Enabling legislation for political subdivisions of the state pursuant to authority granted under Article III, Section 52-a of the Texas Constitution, including authority to acquire land and facilities for lease to public or private entities and the issuance of bonds in connection therewith [Thu Jun 29, 1989]
  • Gregg County Juvenile Board [Thu Jun 29, 1989]
  • Imposition of an optional county motor vehicle registration fee in a county with a population of more than 2,400,000 [Thu Jun 29, 1989]
  • Prohibition of jury-recommended probation for certain persons convicted of the offense of delivery of a controlled substance to a minor [Thu Jun 29, 1989]
  • Requesting the U.S. Congress to provide for the establishment and operation of a Veterans' Administration Hospital in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas [Thu Jun 29, 1989]
  • Requirement that child care facilities post signs regarding the reporting of child abuse or neglect, and providing penalties [Thu Jun 29, 1989]
  • State allocation and reservation system for private activity bonds, and to bonds issued by an industrial development corporation [Thu Jun 29, 1989]
  • Student center fees charges and collected by Texas Southern University [Thu Jun 29, 1989]
  • Submission of construction plans for certain roads by the Dallas County Improvement District, conveyance of district facilities, qualifications of district directors, and publication of meeting places of the district's board of directors [Thu Jun 29, 1989]
  • Transfer of funds by certain public hospitals and the use of those funds in order to increase matching Medicaid federal funds [Thu Jun 29, 1989]
  • Alcohol and drug abuse education for public school students and teachers [Mon Jul 10, 1989]
  • Amending contract and bid requirements for Jefferson County Drainage District No. 7 [Mon Jul 10, 1989]
  • Amending the Crime Victims Compensation Act to provide for the creation and funding of certain local programs for the assistance of crime victims [Mon Jul 10, 1989]
  • Authorization of an optional sales tax for Uvalde County to subsidize Uvalde County Hospital [Mon Jul 10, 1989]
  • Authorizing hospital districts and emergency services districts to impose sales and use taxes [Mon Jul 10, 1989]
  • Bookkeeping records, the concurrent duties of the administrator, changes in corporate control, merger or consolidation of corporations and coordination of expiration dates of certain alcoholic beverage permit or license holders [Mon Jul 10, 1989]
  • Calling on the United States Congress not to increase the motor fuels tax and not to divert any portion of the revenue currently collected to any purpose other than construction and maintenance of the nation's streets and highways [Mon Jul 10, 1989]
  • Commitment procedures and services for mentally ill and chemically dependent person, and providing penalties in connection with such procedures [Mon Jul 10, 1989]
  • County Courts at Law in Randall County [Mon Jul 10, 1989]
  • Creation of Collin County Water Authority [Mon Jul 10, 1989]
  • Creation of the State Trust Fund Investment Review Council and the review of investment of certain state funds [Mon Jul 10, 1989]
  • Descriptions of motor vehicles required to be registered with the State Department of Highways and Public Transportation [Mon Jul 10, 1989]
  • Effective date of SB 846, 71st Legislature, Regular Session [Mon Jul 10, 1989]
  • Effective date of the application of the reduced oil production tax rate for oil from certain enhanced recovery projects [Mon Jul 10, 1989]
  • Efficiency in state government and change to a competitive cost review program [Mon Jul 10, 1989]
  • Establishment of a uniform rate of taxation on recreational boats and motors [Mon Jul 10, 1989]
  • Forfeiture of certain property related to enumerated felony offenses and to the receipt of funds derived from or intended to further certain offenses [Mon Jul 10, 1989]
  • Issuance of specially designed license plates for former Prisoner's of War, Pearl Harbor survivors, and Purple Heart recipients [Mon Jul 10, 1989]
  • Jurisdiction of the Starr County Court at Law [Mon Jul 10, 1989]
  • Permitting the location of a new county jail facility anywhere within a county's geographical boundaries [Mon Jul 10, 1989]
  • Powers and duties of the Van Zandt County Waste Disposal District [Mon Jul 10, 1989]
  • Prohibiting willful desecration of the flag of the United States; exempting such desecration as a First Amendment right [Mon Jul 10, 1989]
  • Prohibition against the location of a rock quarry near residences, schools, recreation areas, and other places in counties with a population of 950,000 or more [Mon Jul 10, 1989]
  • Punishment for offenses committed against a child during a ritual or ceremony [Mon Jul 10, 1989]
  • Requiring mandatory drug testing for persons placed on probation or released on parole or mandatory supervision [Mon Jul 10, 1989]
  • Technical corrections to Chapter 837, Acts of the 70th Legislature, Regular Session, relative to the provision of emergency services in counties of 125,000 persons or less [Mon Jul 10, 1989]
  • Transfer of assets and a cause of action and liability for a fraudulent transfer [Mon Jul 10, 1989]
  • Regulation of Medicare supplement insurance [Tue Jul 11, 1989]
  • Terms of office of members of the Finance Commission of Texas [Thu Jul 13, 1989]
  • Appropriating funds to the University of North Texas for the repair or replacement of facilities damaged by fire [Fri Jul 14, 1989]
  • Enforcement of child support and to the collection of information for the enforcement of child support by the Texas Department of Health [Fri Jul 14, 1989]
  • Establishment of West Texas State University (WTSU) as a component institution of the Texas A&M University System (A&M) upon approval of the Coordinating Board and the Boards of Regents of WTSU and A&M [Fri Jul 14, 1989]
  • Filling a vacancy on the board of trustees of a junior college district [Fri Jul 14, 1989]


The House Journal and Senate Journal for the 71st 1st Called Session are available from the Legislative Reference Library.

House Rules (71st R.S.)
Senate Rules (71st R.S.)
Senate Rules (71st 4th C.S.)

Bill statistics for the 71st Legislature, 1st Called Session

Filed 147 36 0 186 106 23 1 207 253 706
Passed 24 16 0 183 21 14 0 206 45 464
Vetoed 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0