62nd 1st Called Session

Joint Committees
Agriculture and Drought Disaster Relief, Special  
Historic Flags  
Life Insurance Companies, Prevention of Insolvencies  
Poet Laureate Selection, Special   Reports
Property Tax Committee, Legislative   Report
Rio Grande Water Study  
State Artist Selection, Special  
State Tax Policy  
Traffic Court System   Report
Vacancy Laws  
Vegetable Marketing, Interim   Reports
Senate Committees
Agriculture and Livestock  
Banking   Report
Coastal Lands and Waters  
Commerce and Industry  
Constitutional Amendments  
Consumer Protection   Reports
County, District and Urban Affairs   Report
Disease Prevention by Immunization, Special   Report
Drug Study, Interim   Reports
Economic Development   Report
Election Law Study   Report
Environment   Report
Environmental Affairs, Interim   Reports
Federal Programs and Relations  
Finance   Reports
Foreign Livestock Trade and Grain Development  
General Investigating, Special   Reports
Horse Racing and Pari-mutuel Betting, Interim   Reports
Human Resources  
Insurance   Report
Intergovernmental Relations  
Interstate Cooperation  
Labor and Management Relations  
Legislative, Congressional and Judicial Districts  
Licensing and Examining Boards, Interim   Report
Local and Uncontested Bills, Special  
Medical Costs, Interim   Report
Military and Veterans Affairs  
Natural Resources  
Nominations   Reports
Occupational Education, Interim   Report
Oil and Gas   Report
Parks and Recreation   Report
Parks and Wildlife   Report
Personnel Policy   Report
Population Distribution, Interim   Reports
Prairie View A&M College, Investigation   Report
Prairie View A&M College, Investigation, Special  
Privileges and Elections   Report
Problems of Youth, Interim   Reports
Public Health  
Public Junior Colleges, Interim   Reports
Public School Finance, Interim   Reports
Rules of the Senate  
Sales Tax, Interim   Reports
Special Districts  
State Affairs   Report
State Departments and Institutions   Report
State Departments and Institutions Subcommittee on Construction of the Bauer House for the Chancellor at the University of Texas at Austin   Reports
Teacher Retirement Benefits, Interim   Reports
Unemployment Compensation and Workmen's Compensation Laws, Interim   Report
Urban Education  
Water and Conservation  
Youth Affairs  
House Committees
Appropriations   Report
Banks and Banking  
Business and Marketing Affairs  
Capitol Exterminating  
Capitol Use and Public Information, Interim   Report
Coastal and Marine Resources, Interim   Reports
Coastal Waterways and Shipping Industry  
College Instruction and Curriculum  
Commerce and Manufacturing  
Common Carriers  
Congressional and Legislative Districts  
Conservation and Reclamation  
Constitutional Amendments  
Consumer Credit  
Coordination of State and Federal Air Quality Standards  
County Government  
Crime Study  
Criminal Jurisprudence  
Data Processing and Printing  
Degree Plans  
Elections   Report
Electrology, Special, Interim   Report
Emotionally Disturbed Children, Interim   Report
Employment Practices of All State Agencies  
Engrossed and Enrolled Bills  
Extended Coverage Insurance  
Federal Relations  
General Investigating, Special   Reports
Governmental Affairs and Efficiency  
Health Services and Health Care  
Hearing Aid Industry and Hearing Aid Programs  
Higher Education   Report
Highway Beautification  
Highways and Roads  
History of Members of the Texas Legislature  
Hold Harmless Agreements, Interim   Report
House Administration  
House Rules and Procedures  
Imported Fire Ant Study   Reports
Insurance   Report
Interstate Cooperation  
Judicial Districts  
Judiciary   Reports
Juvenile Crime and Deliquency  
Juvenile Delinquency  
Land Use Management, Interim   Report
Liquor Regulation  
Mass Transportation  
Meat Inspection, Interim   Report
Medical Welfare Program, Interim   Reports
Mental Health and Mental Retardation  
Mexican-American Rail Passenger Service  
Military Affairs  
Motor Transportation  
Natural Resources   Report
No-Fault Automobile Insurance and Competitive Automobile Insurance Rate-Making  
Nursing Aides and Licensing of Nurses   Reports
Oil and Gas Regulation  
Oil, Gas and Mining  
Parking Liaison  
Parks and Wildlife  
Permanent Identification of Personal Property  
Poverty/Office of Economic Opportunity   Report
Public Education  
Public Education Administration, Interim   Reports
Public Education Financing  
Public Health  
Public Lands and Buildings  
Purchase of Perishable Commodities by State Institutions  
Resolutions and Interim Activities  
Revenue and Taxation  
Revenue and Taxation, Interim   Reports
Scabies Eradication   Report
School Districts  
Solid Waste Disposal  
State Affairs  
State Employee Incentives   Report
State Finance  
Texas-Mexico-Central America Friendship  
Urban Affairs  
Vocational-Technical Education, Interim   Reports
Water Development, Quality, and Conservation  
Water Districts, Interim   Report