83rd 1st Called Session

Joint Committees
Aging   Report
Border Wait Times   Report
Coastal Barrier System   Report
Economic Stabilization Fund Balance, Select   Report
Education Policy for a Skilled Workforce   Report
Edwards Aquifer, Oversight  
Ethics Laws, Select   Report
Higher Education Governance, Excellence, and Transparency, Select Oversight   Report
Human Trafficking   Report
Judicial Selection, Interim  
Partnership Advisory Commission  
Recruitment of Firearms and Ammunition Manufacturers   Report
State Water Implementation Fund for Texas Advisory   Report
Texas Environmental Flows Advisory Group  
Texas Lottery and Texas Lottery Commission   Report
Water Desalination  
Senate Committees
Agriculture, Rural Affairs, and Homeland Security   Report
Business and Commerce  
Criminal Justice   Report
Economic Development  
Economic Development Subcommittee on Public-Private Partnerships  
Finance Subcommittee on Fiscal Matters  
Finance Subcommittee on State and Local Revenue Matters  
Government Organization   Report
Health and Human Services   Report
Higher Education   Report
Intergovernmental Relations   Reports
Jurisprudence   Report
Natural Resources   Reports
Open Government   Report
Redistricting, Select  
State Affairs   Report
Transportation   Report
Transportation Funding, Expenditures, and Finance, Select   Reports
Veteran Affairs and Military Installations   Report
House Committees
Agriculture and Livestock   Report
Appropriations   Reports
Appropriations Subcommittee on Article II (Health and Human Services)   Reports
Appropriations Subcommittee on Article III (Public and Higher Education)   Reports
Appropriations Subcommittee on Articles I, IV, and V (General Government, the Judiciary, and Criminal Justice and Public Safety)   Reports
Appropriations Subcommittee on Articles VI, VII, and VIII (Natural Resources, Business and Economic Development, and Regulatory)   Reports
Appropriations Subcommittee on Budget Transparency and Reform   Reports
Business and Industry   Reports
Calendars   Report
Child Protection, Select   Reports
Corrections   Report
County Affairs   Reports
Criminal Jurisprudence   Report
Criminal Procedure Reform, Select   Report
Culture, Recreation, and Tourism   Report
Defense and Veterans' Affairs  
Economic and Small Business Development   Report
Economic and Small Business Development Subcommittee on Manufacturing   Report
Economic Development Incentives, Select   Report
Energy Resources   Reports
Environmental Regulation   Reports
Federalism and Fiscal Responsibility, Select  
Fiscal Impact of Texas Border Support Operations, Select  
General Investigating and Ethics  
Government Efficiency and Reform   Reports
Health Care Education and Training, Select   Reports
Higher Education   Reports
Homeland Security and Public Safety   Reports
House Administration  
House Research Organization Steering Committee  
Human Services   Report
International Trade and Intergovernmental Affairs  
Investments and Financial Services   Reports
Judiciary and Civil Jurisprudence   Report
Land and Resource Management   Reports
Licensing and Administrative Procedures   Report
Local and Consent Calendars  
Natural Resources   Reports
Pensions   Reports
Public Education   Reports
Public Health   Reports
Redistricting, Select   Reports
Rules and Resolutions  
Special Purpose Districts   Reports
State Affairs   Report
Technology   Reports
Transparency in State Agency Operations, Select   Report
Transportation   Report
Transportation Funding, Expenditures, and Finance, Select   Reports
Transportation Funding, Select  
Urban Affairs  
Ways and Means   Reports